Florida Senate - 2015                   (Proposed Bill) SPB 7050
       FOR CONSIDERATION By the Committee on Governmental Oversight and
       585-02213A-15                                         20157050pb
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to digital classrooms; amending s.
    3         282.0051, F.S.; requiring the Agency for State
    4         Technology to establish and publish information
    5         technology architecture standards for purposes of
    6         implementing digital classrooms by a specified date;
    7         requiring the agency to collaborate with the
    8         Department of Education and the Department of
    9         Management Services to identify certain state contract
   10         procurement options for services that support such
   11         standards and to identify certain shared services
   12         available through the State Data Center to facilitate
   13         the implementation of school district digital
   14         classrooms plans; requiring the agency’s annual
   15         assessment of the Department of Education to review
   16         specified issues with respect to school district
   17         digital classrooms plans and to provide planning
   18         assistance to address and reduce issues identified by
   19         the assessment; authorizing the agency to contract for
   20         assistance with the annual assessment if needed;
   21         requiring the agency to provide the annual assessment
   22         to the Commissioner of Education by a specified date;
   23         requiring a school district to take specified action
   24         within a certain period if the district is notified by
   25         the Department of Education that it is not in
   26         compliance with the information technology
   27         architecture standards; amending s. 282.00515, F.S.;
   28         conforming a cross-reference; providing an effective
   29         date.
   31  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   33         Section 1. Subsections (2), (7), and (10) of section
   34  282.0051, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
   35         282.0051 Agency for State Technology; powers, duties, and
   36  functions.—The Agency for State Technology shall have the
   37  following powers, duties, and functions:
   38         (2) Establish and publish information technology
   39  architecture standards that:
   40         (a)to Provide for the most efficient use of the state’s
   41  information technology resources and that to ensure
   42  compatibility and alignment with the needs of state agencies.
   43  The agency shall assist state agencies in complying with the
   44  standards.
   45         (b) Address for purposes of implementing digital classrooms
   46  under s. 1011.62(12) issues that include, but are not limited
   47  to, device recommendations, security requirements, connectivity
   48  requirements, and browser expectations. Such standards must be
   49  published by July 1, 2016.
   50         (7)(a) Participate with the Department of Management
   51  Services in evaluating, conducting, and negotiating competitive
   52  solicitations for state term contracts for information
   53  technology commodities, consultant services, or staff
   54  augmentation contractual services pursuant to s. 287.0591.
   55         (b) Collaborate with the Department of Management Services
   56  in information technology resource acquisition planning.
   57         (c) Collaborate with the Department of Education and the
   58  Department of Management Services to identify:
   59         1. State term contract procurement options that are
   60  available to school districts which provide information
   61  technology commodities, consultant services, or staff
   62  augmentation contractual services that support the information
   63  technology architecture standards applicable to digital
   64  classrooms.
   65         2.Shared services available to school districts through
   66  the State Data Center to facilitate the implementation of school
   67  district digital classrooms plans.
   68         (10)(a) Beginning July 1, 2016, and annually thereafter,
   69  conduct annual assessments of state agencies to determine
   70  compliance with all information technology standards and
   71  guidelines developed and published by the agency, and beginning
   72  December 1, 2016, and annually thereafter, provide results of
   73  the assessments to the Executive Office of the Governor, the
   74  President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of
   75  Representatives.
   76         (b) Include in the annual assessment of the Department of
   77  Education under paragraph (a):
   78         1. A review of each school district’s digital classrooms
   79  plan submitted to the Department of Education under s.
   80  1011.62(12), to determine the school district’s compliance with
   81  the information technology architecture standards adopted under
   82  paragraph (2)(b) and to ensure the accuracy of the school
   83  district’s information technology resources inventory as
   84  submitted to the Department of Education’s Technology Resources
   85  Inventory System.
   86         2. Planning assistance to the Department of Education,
   87  school districts, and public schools to address and reduce any
   88  issues identified by the annual assessment.
   89         (c) Contract, if assistance with the completion of the
   90  annual assessment under paragraph (b) is needed, with one or
   91  more independent, third-party professional organizations.
   92         (d) Provide the annual assessment under paragraph (b) to
   93  the Commissioner of Education by December 1, 2016, and annually
   94  thereafter. If the Department of Education notifies a school
   95  district that the district is not in compliance with the
   96  information technology architecture standards adopted under
   97  paragraph (2)(b), the district, within 60 days after such
   98  notification, must become compliant, obtain an exemption from
   99  such compliance from the Department of Education, or procure
  100  services through the agency or the Department of Management
  101  Services to achieve compliance.
  102         Section 2. Section 282.00515, Florida Statutes, is amended
  103  to read:
  104         282.00515 Duties of Cabinet agencies.—The Department of
  105  Legal Affairs, the Department of Financial Services, and the
  106  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall adopt the
  107  standards established in s. 282.0051(2)(a), (3), and (8) or
  108  adopt alternative standards based on best practices and industry
  109  standards, and may contract with the Agency for State Technology
  110  to provide or perform any of the services and functions
  111  described in s. 282.0051 for the Department of Legal Affairs,
  112  the Department of Financial Services, or the Department of
  113  Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  114         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2015.