Florida Senate - 2015                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 976
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       The Committee on Banking and Insurance (Negron) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Between lines 173 and 174
    4  insert:
    5         Section 3. Paragraph (d) of subsection (1) of section
    6  626.321, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
    7         626.321 Limited licenses.—
    8         (1) The department shall issue to a qualified applicant a
    9  license as agent authorized to transact a limited class of
   10  business in any of the following categories of limited lines
   11  insurance:
   12         (d) Motor vehicle rental insurance.—
   13         1. License covering only insurance of the risks set forth
   14  in this paragraph when offered, sold, or solicited with and
   15  incidental to the rental or lease of a motor vehicle and which
   16  applies only to the motor vehicle that is the subject of the
   17  lease or rental agreement and the occupants of the motor
   18  vehicle:
   19         a. Excess motor vehicle liability insurance providing
   20  coverage in excess of the standard liability limits provided by
   21  the lessor in the lessor’s lease to a person renting or leasing
   22  a motor vehicle from the licensee’s employer for liability
   23  arising in connection with the negligent operation of the leased
   24  or rented motor vehicle.
   25         b. Insurance covering the liability of the lessee to the
   26  lessor for damage to the leased or rented motor vehicle.
   27         c. Insurance covering the loss of or damage to baggage,
   28  personal effects, or travel documents of a person renting or
   29  leasing a motor vehicle.
   30         d. Insurance covering accidental personal injury or death
   31  of the lessee and any passenger who is riding or driving with
   32  the covered lessee in the leased or rented motor vehicle.
   33         2. Insurance under a motor vehicle rental insurance license
   34  may be issued only if the lease or rental agreement is for less
   35  no more than 1 year 60 days, the lessee is not provided coverage
   36  for more than 364 60 consecutive days per lease period, and the
   37  lessee is given written notice that his or her personal
   38  insurance policy providing coverage on an owned motor vehicle
   39  may provide coverage of such risks and that the purchase of the
   40  insurance is not required in connection with the lease or rental
   41  of a motor vehicle, unless it is required under s.
   42  324.021(9)(b). If the lease is extended beyond 364 60 days, the
   43  coverage may be extended once one time only for a period not to
   44  exceed an additional 364 60 days. Insurance may be provided to
   45  the lessee as an additional insured on a policy issued to the
   46  licensee’s employer.
   47         3. The license may be issued only to the full-time salaried
   48  employee of a licensed general lines agent or to a business
   49  entity that offers motor vehicles for rent or lease if insurance
   50  sales activities authorized by the license are in connection
   51  with and incidental to the rental or lease of a motor vehicle.
   52         a. A license issued to a business entity that offers motor
   53  vehicles for rent or lease encompasses each office, branch
   54  office, employee, authorized representative located at a
   55  designated branch, or place of business making use of the
   56  entity’s business name in order to offer, solicit, and sell
   57  insurance pursuant to this paragraph.
   58         b. The application for licensure must list the name,
   59  address, and phone number for each office, branch office, or
   60  place of business that is to be covered by the license. The
   61  licensee shall notify the department of the name, address, and
   62  phone number of any new location that is to be covered by the
   63  license before the new office, branch office, or place of
   64  business engages in the sale of insurance pursuant to this
   65  paragraph. The licensee must notify the department within 30
   66  days after closing or terminating an office, branch office, or
   67  place of business. Upon receipt of the notice, the department
   68  shall delete the office, branch office, or place of business
   69  from the license.
   70         c. A licensed and appointed entity is directly responsible
   71  and accountable for all acts of the licensee’s employees.
   73  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   74  And the title is amended as follows:
   75         Delete lines 11 - 12
   76  and insert:
   77         operator of the motor vehicle; revising the
   78         applicability of certain provisions relating to
   79         financial responsibility requirements and limits on
   80         liability; amending s. 636.321, F.S.; extending the
   81         length of a lease or rental agreement for which motor
   82         vehicle rental insurance may be issued; conforming
   83         provisions to changes made by the act; providing an
   84         effective date.