Florida Senate - 2016                                    SB 1638
       By Senator Lee
       24-01476A-16                                          20161638__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to postsecondary education for
    3         veterans; amending s. 1004.096, F.S.; directing the
    4         Department of Education to award postsecondary course
    5         credit for specified examinations and tests; amending
    6         s. 1009.26, F.S.; revising the residency requirement
    7         for certain tuition waivers for recipients of
    8         specified military decorations; conforming provisions;
    9         amending s. 1012.56, F.S.; providing that specified
   10         programs and test scores meet certain educator
   11         certification requirements; providing an effective
   12         date.
   14  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   16         Section 1. Section 1004.096, Florida Statutes, is amended
   17  to read:
   18         1004.096 College credit for military training, and
   19  education courses, and subject examinations.—
   20         (1) The Board of Governors shall adopt regulations and the
   21  State Board of Education shall adopt rules that enable eligible
   22  servicemembers or honorably discharged veterans members of the
   23  United States Armed Forces to earn academic college credit at
   24  public postsecondary educational institutions for college-level
   25  training and education acquired in the military. The regulations
   26  and rules shall include procedures for credential evaluation and
   27  the award of academic college credit, including, but not limited
   28  to, equivalency and alignment of military coursework with
   29  appropriate college courses, course descriptions, type and
   30  amount of college credit that may be awarded, and transfer of
   31  credit.
   32         (2)The department shall annually identify and publish the
   33  minimum scores, maximum credit, and course or courses for which
   34  credit is to be awarded for each Excelsior College subject
   35  examination, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education
   36  Support (DANTES) subject standardized test, and Defense Language
   37  Proficiency Test (DLPT). The department shall identify such
   38  courses in the general education core curriculum of each state
   39  university and Florida College System institution.
   40         Section 2. Subsection (8) of section 1009.26, Florida
   41  Statutes, is amended to read:
   42         1009.26 Fee waivers.—
   43         (8) A state university, a Florida College System
   44  institution, a career center operated by a school district under
   45  s. 1001.44, or a charter technical career center shall waive
   46  tuition for undergraduate college credit programs and career
   47  certificate programs for each recipient of a Purple Heart or
   48  another combat decoration superior in precedence who:
   49         (a) Is enrolled as a full-time, part-time, or summer-school
   50  student in a program that terminates in an associate or a
   51  baccalaureate degree, a college credit certificate, or a career
   52  certificate;
   53         (b) Physically resides in Is currently, and was at the time
   54  of the military action that resulted in the awarding of the
   55  Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence,
   56  a resident of this state while enrolled in the university,
   57  institution, or center; and
   58         (c) Submits to the state university, the Florida College
   59  System institution, or the career center operated by a school
   60  district under s. 1001.44, or the charter technical career
   61  center the DD-214 form issued at the time of separation from
   62  service as documentation that the student has received a Purple
   63  Heart or another combat decoration superior in precedence. If
   64  the DD-214 is not available, other documentation may be
   65  acceptable if recognized by the United States Department of
   66  Defense or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as
   67  documenting the award.
   69  Such a waiver for a Purple Heart recipient or recipient of
   70  another combat decoration superior in precedence shall be
   71  applicable for 110 percent of the number of required credit
   72  hours of the degree or certificate program for which the student
   73  is enrolled.
   74         Section 3. Subsection (5) of section 1012.56, Florida
   75  Statutes, is amended to read:
   76         1012.56 Educator certification requirements.—
   77         (5) MASTERY OF SUBJECT AREA KNOWLEDGE.—Acceptable means of
   78  demonstrating mastery of subject area knowledge are:
   79         (a) For a subject requiring only a baccalaureate degree for
   80  which a Florida subject area examination has been developed,
   81  achievement of a passing score on the Florida-developed subject
   82  area examination specified in state board rule;
   83         (b) For a subject for which a Florida subject area
   84  examination has not been developed, achievement of a passing
   85  score on a standardized examination specified in state board
   86  rule, including, but not limited to, passing scores on both the
   87  oral proficiency and written proficiency examinations
   88  administered by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign
   89  Languages;
   90         (c) For a subject for which a Florida subject area
   91  examination has not been developed or a standardized examination
   92  has not been specified in state board rule, completion of the
   93  subject area specialization requirements specified in state
   94  board rule and verification of the attainment of the essential
   95  subject matter competencies by the district school
   96  superintendent of the employing school district or chief
   97  administrative officer of the employing state-supported or
   98  private school;
   99         (d) For a subject requiring a master’s or higher degree,
  100  completion of the subject area specialization requirements
  101  specified in state board rule and achievement of a passing score
  102  on the Florida-developed subject area examination or a
  103  standardized examination specified in state board rule;
  104         (e) Documentation of a valid professional standard teaching
  105  certificate issued by another state; or
  106         (f) Documentation of a valid certificate issued by the
  107  National Board for Professional Teaching Standards or a national
  108  educator credentialing board approved by the State Board of
  109  Education;
  110         (g)Documentation of successful completion of a United
  111  States Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
  112  program; or
  113         (h)Documentation of a passing score on the Defense
  114  Language Proficiency Test (DLPT).
  116  School districts are encouraged to provide mechanisms for middle
  117  grades teachers holding only a K-6 teaching certificate to
  118  obtain a subject area coverage for middle grades through
  119  postsecondary coursework or district add-on certification.
  120         Section 4. This act shall take effect July 1, 2016.