Florida Senate - 2016                                    SM 1710
       By Senator Evers
       2-01376-16                                            20161710__
    1                           Senate Memorial                         
    2         A memorial to the Congress of the United States,
    3         urging Congress to declare war on al-Qaeda, the
    4         Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and all
    5         other global Islamic terrorist organizations that
    6         similarly engage in acts of terrorism.
    8         WHEREAS, the attacks on the United States of September 11,
    9  2001, were organized and financed by al-Qaeda, and
   10         WHEREAS, another global Islamic terrorist organization,
   11  whether known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
   12  (ISIL), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), simply as
   13  the Islamic State, or by the Arabic acronym Daesh, claimed
   14  responsibility for coordinated attacks launched against six
   15  sites across Paris, France, on November 13, 2015, resulting in
   16  the loss of at least 129 innocent lives and the severe wounding
   17  of many hundreds, and
   18         WHEREAS, ISIL systematically targets, kidnaps, and kills
   19  innocent men, women, and children throughout Iraq and Syria,
   20  continues to expand its terror influence, and is responsible for
   21  recent attacks in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, and France, and
   22         WHEREAS, al-Qaeda, ISIL, and other global Islamic terrorist
   23  organizations have committed unprovoked acts of war against the
   24  government and people of the United States and against allied
   25  and friendly governments and their populations, NOW, THEREFORE,
   27  Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   29         That the Congress of the United States, by the power vested
   30  in it by Section 8, Article I of the United States Constitution,
   31  is urged to declare that a state of war exists between the
   32  United States and al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of Iraq and the
   33  Levant (ISIL), and all other global Islamic terrorist
   34  organizations that similarly engage in acts of terrorism against
   35  the United States and its people and against allied and friendly
   36  governments and their populations.
   37         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be
   38  dispatched to the President of the United States, to the
   39  President of the United States Senate, to the Speaker of the
   40  United States House of Representatives, and to each member of
   41  the Florida delegation to the United States Congress.