Florida Senate - 2016                                     SB 892
       By Senator Soto
       14-01099-16                                            2016892__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to campaign financing reports;
    3         amending s. 106.07, F.S.; revising reporting
    4         requirements with respect to the purpose of
    5         expenditures made by or on behalf of a political
    6         committee; providing an effective date.
    8  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   10         Section 1. Paragraph (a) of subsection (4) of section
   11  106.07, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
   12         106.07 Reports; certification and filing.—
   13         (4)(a) Except for daily reports, to which only the
   14  contributions provisions below apply, and except as provided in
   15  paragraph (b), each report required by this section must
   16  contain:
   17         1. The full name, address, and occupation, if any, of each
   18  person who has made one or more contributions to or for such
   19  committee or candidate within the reporting period, together
   20  with the amount and date of such contributions. For
   21  corporations, the report must provide as clear a description as
   22  practicable of the principal type of business conducted by the
   23  corporation. However, if the contribution is $100 or less or is
   24  from a relative, as defined in s. 112.312, provided that the
   25  relationship is reported, the occupation of the contributor or
   26  the principal type of business need not be listed.
   27         2. The name and address of each political committee from
   28  which the reporting committee or the candidate received, or to
   29  which the reporting committee or candidate made, any transfer of
   30  funds, together with the amounts and dates of all transfers.
   31         3. Each loan for campaign purposes to or from any person or
   32  political committee within the reporting period, together with
   33  the full names, addresses, and occupations, and principal places
   34  of business, if any, of the lender and endorsers, if any, and
   35  the date and amount of such loans.
   36         4. A statement of each contribution, rebate, refund, or
   37  other receipt not otherwise listed under subparagraphs 1.
   38  through 3.
   39         5. The total sums of all loans, in-kind contributions, and
   40  other receipts by or for such committee or candidate during the
   41  reporting period. The reporting forms shall be designed to
   42  elicit separate totals for in-kind contributions, loans, and
   43  other receipts.
   44         6. The full name and address of each person to whom
   45  expenditures have been made by or on behalf of the committee or
   46  candidate within the reporting period; the amount, date, and
   47  purpose of each such expenditure; and the name and address of,
   48  and office sought by, each candidate on whose behalf such
   49  expenditure was made. The purpose of each expenditure made by or
   50  on behalf of a committee must specify the name of the candidate,
   51  issue, or position that the expenditure is intended to support
   52  or oppose and whether the expenditure is in support of or
   53  opposition to the candidate, issue, or position. However,
   54  Expenditures made from the petty cash fund provided by s. 106.12
   55  need not be reported individually.
   56         7. The full name and address of each person to whom an
   57  expenditure for personal services, salary, or reimbursement for
   58  authorized expenses as provided in s. 106.021(3) has been made
   59  and which is not otherwise reported, including the amount, date,
   60  and purpose of such expenditure. However, expenditures made from
   61  the petty cash fund provided for in s. 106.12 need not be
   62  reported individually. Receipts for reimbursement for authorized
   63  expenditures shall be retained by the treasurer along with the
   64  records for the campaign account.
   65         8. The total amount withdrawn and the total amount spent
   66  for petty cash purposes pursuant to this chapter during the
   67  reporting period.
   68         9. The total sum of expenditures made by such committee or
   69  candidate during the reporting period.
   70         10. The amount and nature of debts and obligations owed by
   71  or to the committee or candidate, which relate to the conduct of
   72  any political campaign.
   73         11. Transaction information for each credit card purchase.
   74  Receipts for each credit card purchase shall be retained by the
   75  treasurer with the records for the campaign account.
   76         12. The amount and nature of any separate interest-bearing
   77  accounts or certificates of deposit and identification of the
   78  financial institution in which such accounts or certificates of
   79  deposit are located.
   80         13. The primary purposes of an expenditure made indirectly
   81  through a campaign treasurer pursuant to s. 106.021(3) for goods
   82  and services such as communications media placement or
   83  procurement services, campaign signs, insurance, and other
   84  expenditures that include multiple components as part of the
   85  expenditure. The primary purpose of an expenditure shall be that
   86  purpose, including integral and directly related components,
   87  that comprises 80 percent of such expenditure.
   88         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2016.