Florida Senate - 2017                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. PCS (304644) for CS for SB 1118
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  05/01/2017           .                                

       The Committee on Appropriations (Brandes) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Between lines 134 and 135
    4  insert:
    5         Section 1. Subsection (1) and paragraph (a) of subsection
    6  (4) of section 20.23, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
    7         20.23 Department of Transportation.—There is created a
    8  Department of Transportation which shall be a decentralized
    9  agency.
   10         (1)(a) The Department of Transportation shall consist of:
   11         1. A central office that establishes policies and
   12  procedures; and
   13         2. Districts that carry out projects as authorized or
   14  required under the policies and procedures implemented by the
   15  central office pursuant to paragraph (3)(a).
   16         (b)(a) The head of the Department of Transportation is the
   17  Secretary of Transportation. The secretary shall be appointed by
   18  the Governor from among three persons nominated by the Florida
   19  Transportation Commission and shall be subject to confirmation
   20  by the Senate. The secretary shall serve at the pleasure of the
   21  Governor.
   22         (c)(b) The secretary shall be a proven, effective
   23  administrator who by a combination of education and experience
   24  shall clearly possess a broad knowledge of the administrative,
   25  financial, and technical aspects of the development, operation,
   26  and regulation of transportation systems and facilities or
   27  comparable systems and facilities.
   28         (d)(c) The secretary shall provide to the Florida
   29  Transportation Commission or its staff, such assistance,
   30  information, and documents as are requested by the commission or
   31  its staff to enable the commission to fulfill its duties and
   32  responsibilities.
   33         (e)(d) The secretary may appoint up to three assistant
   34  secretaries who shall be directly responsible to the secretary
   35  and who shall perform such duties as are assigned by the
   36  secretary. The secretary shall designate to an assistant
   37  secretary the duties related to enhancing economic prosperity,
   38  including, but not limited to, the responsibility of liaison
   39  with the head of economic development in the Executive Office of
   40  the Governor. Such assistant secretary shall be directly
   41  responsible for providing the Executive Office of the Governor
   42  with investment opportunities and transportation projects that
   43  expand the state’s role as a global hub for trade and investment
   44  and enhance the supply chain system in the state to process,
   45  assemble, and ship goods to markets throughout the eastern
   46  United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The
   47  secretary may delegate to any assistant secretary the authority
   48  to act in the absence of the secretary.
   49         (f)1.(e) Any secretary appointed after July 1, 2019 5,
   50  1989, and the assistant secretaries are shall be exempt from the
   51  provisions of part III of chapter 110 and shall receive
   52  compensation commensurate with their qualifications and
   53  competitive with compensation for comparable responsibility in
   54  other public sector organizations and in the private sector.
   55         2. The salaries of the secretary and the assistant
   56  secretaries shall be established by the Florida Transportation
   57  Commission and determined by a market analysis focused on
   58  comparably skilled individuals in other public sector
   59  organizations, including, but not limited to, expressway
   60  authorities, aviation authorities, and port authorities, and on
   61  comparably skilled individuals in the private sector. The market
   62  analysis must serve as a basis for ascertaining compensation
   63  levels required to retain the secretary and assistant
   64  secretaries in their positions within the department and to
   65  attract external talent that can fulfill the department’s
   66  mission and effect change. The salary of the secretary must be
   67  at least $180,000. The salary of an assistant secretary must be
   68  10 percent below that of the secretary who appoints him or her.
   69         (4)(a)1. The operations of the department shall be
   70  organized into seven districts, each headed by a district
   71  secretary, and a turnpike enterprise and a rail enterprise, each
   72  enterprise headed by an executive director. The district
   73  secretaries and the executive directors shall be registered
   74  professional engineers in accordance with the provisions of
   75  chapter 471 or the laws of another state, or, in lieu of
   76  professional engineer registration, a district secretary or
   77  executive director may hold an advanced degree in an appropriate
   78  related discipline, such as a Master of Business Administration.
   79         2. The district secretaries and the executive director of
   80  the turnpike enterprise are exempt from part III of chapter 110
   81  and shall receive compensation commensurate with their
   82  qualifications and competitive with compensation for comparable
   83  responsibility in other public sector organizations and in the
   84  private sector. The salaries of the district secretaries and the
   85  executive director of the turnpike enterprise must be 15 percent
   86  below that of the secretary, as determined under subparagraph
   87  (1)(f)2., who is head of the department at the time the district
   88  secretaries and the executive director of the turnpike
   89  enterprise take their positions.
   90         3. The headquarters of the districts shall be located in
   91  Polk, Columbia, Washington, Broward, Volusia, Miami-Dade, and
   92  Hillsborough Counties. The headquarters of the turnpike
   93  enterprise shall be located in Orange County. The headquarters
   94  of the rail enterprise shall be located in Leon County. In order
   95  to provide for efficient operations and to expedite the
   96  decisionmaking process, the department shall provide for maximum
   97  decentralization to the districts.
   99  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  100  And the title is amended as follows:
  101         Delete line 2
  102  and insert:
  103         An act relating to transportation; amending s. 20.23,
  104         F.S.; requiring the Department of Transportation to
  105         consist of a central office and districts, subject to
  106         certain requirements; providing that any secretary
  107         appointed after a specified date and the assistant
  108         secretaries are exempt from membership in the Senior
  109         Management Service System Class; requiring the
  110         secretary and assistant secretaries to receive
  111         compensation competitive with compensation for
  112         comparable responsibility in other public sector
  113         organizations; requiring that the salaries of the
  114         secretary and the assistant secretaries be established
  115         by the Florida Transportation Commission and
  116         determined by a certain market analysis, subject to
  117         certain requirements; providing minimum specified
  118         salaries for the secretary and assistant secretaries;
  119         providing that the district secretaries and the
  120         executive director of the turnpike enterprise are
  121         exempt from membership in the Senior Management
  122         Service System Class; requiring that the district
  123         secretaries receive compensation commensurate with
  124         their qualifications and competitive with compensation
  125         for comparable responsibility in other public sector
  126         organizations and in the private sector; providing
  127         salary requirements for the district secretaries;
  128         creating s.