Florida Senate - 2017                             CS for SB 1634
       By the Committee on Rules; and Senator Steube
       595-03522-17                                          20171634c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to residential elevators; amending s.
    3         399.031, F.S.; requiring that an elevator controller
    4         be capable of monitoring the closed and locked
    5         contacts of the hoistway door locking device;
    6         requiring that the elevator controller be capable of
    7         interrupting the power for the motor and brake for a
    8         hoistway door locking device under certain
    9         circumstances; prohibiting an elevator car from being
   10         restarted until certain conditions are met; requiring
   11         a visual indicator to be visible at all landings under
   12         certain circumstances; deleting a requirement that the
   13         underside of the platform of an elevator car be
   14         equipped with a specified device; deleting
   15         requirements for such devices; deleting a requirement
   16         that manual reset of an elevator resume before
   17         downward motion is allowed; requiring the Florida
   18         Building Commission to adopt certain provisions
   19         relating to residential elevators into the Florida
   20         Building Code by a specified date; providing an
   21         effective date.
   23  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   25         Section 1. Subsection (3) of section 399.031, Florida
   26  Statutes, is amended to read:
   27         399.031 Clearance requirements between elevator doors for
   28  elevators inside a private residence.—
   29         (3) During normal operation, the elevator controller must
   30  monitor the closed and locked contacts of the hoistway door
   31  locking device, whether electrical or mechanical. If the closed
   32  and locked contacts of the landing locks are open while the car
   33  is not in the unlocking zone for the hoistway door locking
   34  device, the elevator controller must interrupt power to the
   35  motor and brake and must not allow the elevator car to restart
   36  until the owner or the owner’s agent, with a master elevator
   37  key, has checked for obstructions above and below the elevator
   38  car, returned the hoistway door locking device contacts to the
   39  normal operating position, and manually reset the elevator
   40  controller with the master elevator key. Additionally, a visual
   41  indicator must be visible at all landings until the hoistway
   42  door locking device has been returned to the normal operating
   43  position and the elevator controller has been manually reset The
   44  underside of the platform of an elevator car shall be equipped
   45  with a device that, if the platform of the elevator car is
   46  obstructed anywhere on its underside in its downward travel,
   47  interrupts the electric power to the driving machine motor and
   48  brake, if provided, and stops the elevator car’s downward motion
   49  within 2 inches. The stroke of the device may not be less than
   50  the stopping distance of the platform of the elevator car. The
   51  force required to operate the device may not exceed 15 pounds.
   52  Downward motion shall be permitted to resume only after the
   53  elevator has been manually reset.
   54         Section 2. The Florida Building Commission shall, by
   55  October 1, 2017, adopt into the Florida Building Code pursuant
   56  to s. 553.73(8), Florida Statutes:
   57         (1) A provision authorizing the permanent installation of a
   58  nonremovable, hoistway door space guard in order to comply with
   59  section R321.4.1(c)2-5 of the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition
   60  (2014) Residential. The door space guard must be designed and
   61  installed to withstand a force of 75 pounds applied horizontally
   62  using a 4-inch-diameter sphere at any location within the folds
   63  on the car door without permanent deformation.
   64         (2) Section 399.031, Florida Statutes, relating to
   65  clearance requirements between elevator doors for elevators
   66  inside a private residence.
   67         Section 3. This act shall take effect July 1, 2017.