Florida Senate - 2017                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. PCS (613868) for SB 1710
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       The Committee on Appropriations (Bean) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 46 - 60
    4  and insert:
    5         Section 3. Section 1001.215, Florida Statutes, is amended
    6  to read:
    7         1001.215 Just Read, Florida! Office.—There is created in
    8  the Department of Education the Just Read, Florida! Office. The
    9  office is shall be fully accountable to the Commissioner of
   10  Education and shall:
   11         (1) Train highly effective reading coaches.
   12         (2) Create multiple designations of effective reading
   13  instruction, with accompanying credentials, to enable which
   14  encourage all teachers to integrate reading instruction into
   15  their content areas.
   16         (3) Work with the Lastinger Center for Learning at the
   17  University of Florida, to develop training for train K-12
   18  teachers, reading coaches, and school principals on effective
   19  content-area-specific reading strategies; the integration of
   20  content knowledge-rich texts from other core subject areas into
   21  reading instruction; evidence-based reading strategies
   22  identified in subsection (7); and technology tools to improve
   23  student reading performance. For secondary teachers, emphasis
   24  shall be on technical text. These strategies must be developed
   25  for all content areas in the K-12 curriculum.
   26         (4)Develop and provide access to sequenced, content-rich
   27  curriculum programming, instructional practices, and resources
   28  that help elementary schools use state-adopted instructional
   29  materials to increase students’ core knowledge and literacy
   30  skills, including student attainment of the Next Generation
   31  Sunshine State Standards for social studies, science, and the
   32  arts.
   33         (5)(4) Provide parents with information and strategies for
   34  assisting their children in reading, including reading in the
   35  content areas area.
   36         (6)(5) Provide technical assistance to school districts in
   37  the development and implementation of district plans for use of
   38  the research-based reading instruction allocation provided in s.
   39  1011.62(9) and annually review and approve such plans.
   40         (7)(6) Review, evaluate, and provide technical assistance
   41  to school districts’ implementation of the K-12 comprehensive
   42  reading plan required in s. 1011.62(9).
   43         (8)(7) Work with the Florida Center for Reading Research to
   44  identify scientifically researched and evidence-based reading
   45  instructional and intervention programs that incorporate
   46  explicit, systematic, and sequential approaches to teaching
   47  phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and text
   48  comprehension and incorporate decodable or phonetic text
   49  instructional provide information on research-based reading
   50  programs and effective reading in the content area strategies.
   51  Reading intervention includes evidence-based strategies
   52  frequently used to remediate reading deficiencies and includes,
   53  but is not limited to, individual instruction, multisensory
   54  approaches, tutoring, mentoring, or the use of technology that
   55  targets specific reading skills and abilities.
   56         (9)(8) Periodically review the Next Generation Sunshine
   57  State Standards for English Language Arts to determine their
   58  appropriateness at each grade level reading at all grade levels.
   59         (10)(9) Periodically review teacher certification
   60  requirements and examinations, including alternative
   61  certification requirements and examinations exams, to ascertain
   62  whether the examinations measure the skills needed for evidence
   63  based research-based reading instruction and instructional
   64  strategies for teaching reading, including reading in the
   65  content areas.
   66         (11)(10) Work with teacher preparation programs approved
   67  pursuant to ss. s. 1004.04 and 1004.85 to integrate effective,
   68  research-based and evidence-based reading instructional and
   69  intervention strategies, including explicit, systematic, and
   70  sequential and reading strategies, multisensory intervention
   71  strategies, and reading in the content area instructional
   72  strategies into teacher preparation programs.
   73         (12)(11) Administer grants and perform other functions as
   74  necessary to help meet the goal that all students read at their
   75  highest potential grade level.
   76         Section 4. Paragraph (b) of subsection (2) of section
   77  1004.04, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
   78         1004.04 Public accountability and state approval for
   79  teacher preparation programs.—
   81         (b) The rules to establish uniform core curricula for each
   82  state-approved teacher preparation program must include, but are
   83  not limited to, the following:
   84         1. The Florida Educator Accomplished Practices.
   85         2. The state-adopted content standards.
   86         3. Scientifically researched and evidence-based reading
   87  instructional strategies that improve reading performance for
   88  all students, including explicit, systematic, and sequential
   89  approaches to teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary,
   90  fluency, and text comprehension, and multisensory intervention
   91  strategies instruction.
   92         4. Content literacy and mathematics practices.
   93         5. Strategies appropriate for the instruction of English
   94  language learners.
   95         6. Strategies appropriate for the instruction of students
   96  with disabilities.
   97         7. School safety.
   98         Section 5. Paragraph (a) of subsection (3) of section
   99  1004.85, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
  100         1004.85 Postsecondary educator preparation institutes.—
  101         (3) Educator preparation institutes approved pursuant to
  102  this section may offer competency-based certification programs
  103  specifically designed for noneducation major baccalaureate
  104  degree holders to enable program participants to meet the
  105  educator certification requirements of s. 1012.56. An educator
  106  preparation institute choosing to offer a competency-based
  107  certification program pursuant to the provisions of this section
  108  must implement a program previously approved by the Department
  109  of Education for this purpose or a program developed by the
  110  institute and approved by the department for this purpose.
  111  Approved programs shall be available for use by other approved
  112  educator preparation institutes.
  113         (a) Within 90 days after receipt of a request for approval,
  114  the Department of Education shall approve a preparation program
  115  pursuant to the requirements of this subsection or issue a
  116  statement of the deficiencies in the request for approval. The
  117  department shall approve a certification program if the
  118  institute provides evidence of the institute’s capacity to
  119  implement a competency-based program that includes each of the
  120  following:
  121         1.a. Participant instruction and assessment in the Florida
  122  Educator Accomplished Practices.
  123         b. The state-adopted student content standards.
  124         c. Scientifically researched and evidence-based reading
  125  instructional strategies that improve reading performance for
  126  all students, including explicit, systematic, and sequential
  127  approaches to teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary,
  128  fluency, and text comprehension, and multisensory intervention
  129  strategies instruction.
  130         d. Content literacy and mathematical practices.
  131         e. Strategies appropriate for instruction of English
  132  language learners.
  133         f. Strategies appropriate for instruction of students with
  134  disabilities.
  135         g. School safety.
  136         2. An educational plan for each participant to meet
  137  certification requirements and demonstrate his or her ability to
  138  teach the subject area for which the participant is seeking
  139  certification, which is based on an assessment of his or her
  140  competency in the areas listed in subparagraph 1.
  141         3. Field experiences appropriate to the certification
  142  subject area specified in the educational plan with a diverse
  143  population of students in a variety of settings under the
  144  supervision of qualified educators.
  145         4. A certification ombudsman to facilitate the process and
  146  procedures required for participants who complete the program to
  147  meet any requirements related to the background screening
  148  pursuant to s. 1012.32 and educator professional or temporary
  149  certification pursuant to s. 1012.56.
  151  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  152  And the title is amended as follows:
  153         Delete lines 6 - 9
  154  and insert:
  155         amending s. 1001.215, F.S.; revising the duties of the
  156         Just Read, Florida! Office; amending s. 1004.04, F.S.;
  157         revising core curricula requirements for certain
  158         teacher preparation programs to include certain
  159         reading instruction and interventions; amending s.
  160         1004.85, F.S.; requiring certain educator preparation
  161         institutes to provide evidence of specified reading
  162         instruction as a condition of program approval and
  163         continued approval; amending s. 1003.44, F.S.;
  164         encouraging