GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS BILL                          Committee       Amendment
SB2500                                                  ATD              42

Senator(s) Bradley moved the following LATE FILED amendment:

Section: 05              EXPLANATION:

On Page: 263             Specifies that $1,000,000 of existing transportation 
                         work program funds be provided for the preliminary 
Spec App: 1879           engineering and design of the development of a 
                         project to accomodate cargo aircraft at the general 
                         aviation airport, Airglades, owned by Hendry County 
                         and located 7 miles west of Clewiston.

NET IMPACT ON:            Total Funds       General Revenue          Trust Funds
    Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 
Non-Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 

                                               Positions & Amount   Positions & Amount
                                                     DELETE         INSERT

        Transportation Systems Development
        Program: Transportation Systems 
        Development  55100100

        In Section 05  On Page 263
1879    Fixed Capital Outlay  088849
        Preliminary Engineering Consultants  IOEK

At the end of existing proviso language, following Specific 
Appropriation 1879, INSERT:

From the nonrecurring funds in Specific Appropriation 1879, $1,000,000 
is provided for the preliminary engineering and design of a perishable 
air cargo complex located at the Airglades Airport in Hendry County.

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