Florida Senate - 2017                                    SJR 270
       By Senator Thurston
       33-00375-17                                            2017270__
    1                       Senate Joint Resolution                     
    2         A joint resolution proposing an amendment to Section 8
    3         of Article IV of the State Constitution, relating to
    4         restoration of civil rights, to authorize the
    5         Legislature to prescribe additional circumstances
    6         under which certain fines and forfeitures may be
    7         suspended or remitted, reprieves may be granted, civil
    8         rights may be restored, and punishments may be
    9         commuted.
   11  Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   13         That the following amendment to Section 8 of Article IV of
   14  the State Constitution is agreed to and shall be submitted to
   15  the electors of this state for approval or rejection at the next
   16  general election or at an earlier special election specifically
   17  authorized by law for that purpose:
   18                             ARTICLE IV                            
   19                              EXECUTIVE                            
   20         SECTION 8. Clemency.—
   21         (a) Except in cases of treason and in cases where
   22  impeachment results in conviction, and except as otherwise
   23  prescribed by law, the governor may, by executive order filed
   24  with the custodian of state records, suspend collection of fines
   25  and forfeitures, grant reprieves not exceeding sixty days and,
   26  with the approval of two members of the cabinet, grant full or
   27  conditional pardons, restore civil rights, commute punishment,
   28  and remit fines and forfeitures for offenses.
   29         (b) In cases of treason the governor may grant reprieves
   30  until adjournment of the regular session of the legislature
   31  convening next after the conviction, at which session the
   32  legislature may grant a pardon or further reprieve; otherwise
   33  the sentence shall be executed.
   34         (c) There may be created by law a parole and probation
   35  commission with power to supervise persons on probation and to
   36  grant paroles or conditional releases to persons under sentences
   37  for crime. The qualifications, method of selection and terms,
   38  not to exceed six years, of members of the commission shall be
   39  prescribed by law.
   40         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following statement be
   41  placed on the ballot:
   42                      CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT                     
   43                        ARTICLE IV, SECTION 8                      
   44         RESTORATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS.—Proposing an amendment to the
   45  State Constitution to authorize the Legislature to provide
   46  conditions under which fines and forfeitures may be suspended or
   47  remitted, reprieves may be granted, civil rights may be
   48  restored, and punishments may be commuted.