Florida Senate - 2017                                       SB 4
       By Senator Galvano
       21-00141D-17                                             20174__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to faculty recruitment; amending s.
    3         1001.706, F.S.; requiring state universities to use
    4         gap analyses to identify internship opportunities in
    5         high-demand fields; creating s. 1004.6497, F.S.;
    6         establishing the World Class Faculty and Scholar
    7         Program; providing the purpose and intent of the
    8         program; authorizing investments in certain faculty
    9         retention, recruitment, and recognition activities;
   10         specifying funding as provided in the General
   11         Appropriations Act; requiring the funds to be used for
   12         authorized purposes and investments; creating s.
   13         1004.6498, F.S.; establishing the State University
   14         Professional and Graduate Degree Excellence Program;
   15         providing the purpose of the program; specifying the
   16         requirements for quality improvement efforts to
   17         elevate the prominence of state university medicine,
   18         law, and graduate-level business programs; specifying
   19         funding as provided in the General Appropriations Act;
   20         requiring the funds to be used for authorized purposes
   21         and investments; amending s. 1013.79, F.S.; revising
   22         the intent of the Alec P. Courtelis University
   23         Facility Enhancement Challenge Grant Program; deleting
   24         the Alec P. Courtelis Capital Facilities Matching
   25         Trust Fund; authorizing the Legislature to prioritize
   26         certain funds for the 2017-2018 fiscal year; amending
   27         s. 267.062, F.S.; conforming a cross-reference;
   28         providing an effective date.
   30  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   32         Section 1. Paragraph (b) of subsection (5) of section
   33  1001.706, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
   34         1001.706 Powers and duties of the Board of Governors.—
   36         (b) The Board of Governors shall develop a strategic plan
   37  specifying goals and objectives for the State University System
   38  and each constituent university, including each university’s
   39  contribution to overall system goals and objectives. The
   40  strategic plan must:
   41         1. Include performance metrics and standards common for all
   42  institutions and metrics and standards unique to institutions
   43  depending on institutional core missions, including, but not
   44  limited to, student admission requirements, retention,
   45  graduation, percentage of graduates who have attained
   46  employment, percentage of graduates enrolled in continued
   47  education, licensure passage, average wages of employed
   48  graduates, average cost per graduate, excess hours, student loan
   49  burden and default rates, faculty awards, total annual research
   50  expenditures, patents, licenses and royalties, intellectual
   51  property, startup companies, annual giving, endowments, and
   52  well-known, highly respected national rankings for institutional
   53  and program achievements.
   54         2. Consider reports and recommendations of the Higher
   55  Education Coordinating Council pursuant to s. 1004.015 and the
   56  Articulation Coordinating Committee pursuant to s. 1007.01.
   57         3. Include student enrollment and performance data
   58  delineated by method of instruction, including, but not limited
   59  to, traditional, online, and distance learning instruction.
   60         4. Include criteria for designating baccalaureate degree
   61  and master’s degree programs at specified universities as high
   62  demand programs of emphasis. Fifty percent of the criteria for
   63  designation as high-demand programs of emphasis must be based on
   64  achievement of performance outcome thresholds determined by the
   65  Board of Governors, and 50 percent of the criteria must be based
   66  on achievement of performance outcome thresholds specifically
   67  linked to:
   68         a. Job placement in employment of 36 hours or more per week
   69  and average full-time wages of graduates of the degree programs
   70  1 year and 5 years after graduation, based in part on data
   71  provided in the economic security report of employment and
   72  earning outcomes produced annually pursuant to s. 445.07.
   73         b. Data-driven gap analyses, conducted by the Board of
   74  Governors, of the state’s job market demands and the outlook for
   75  jobs that require a baccalaureate or higher degree. Each state
   76  university must use the gap analyses to identify internship
   77  opportunities for students to benefit from mentorship by
   78  industry experts, earn industry certifications, and become
   79  employed in high-demand fields.
   80         Section 2. Section 1004.6497, Florida Statutes, is created
   81  to read:
   82         1004.6497 World Class Faculty and Scholar Program.—
   83         (1) PURPOSE AND LEGISLATIVE INTENT.—The World Class Faculty
   84  and Scholar Program is established to fund and support the
   85  efforts of state universities to recruit and retain exemplary
   86  faculty and research scholars. It is the intent of the
   87  Legislature to elevate the national competitiveness of Florida’s
   88  state universities through faculty and scholar recruitment and
   89  retention.
   90         (2) INVESTMENTS.—Retention, recruitment, and recognition
   91  efforts, activities, and investments may include, but are not
   92  limited to, investments in research-centric cluster hires,
   93  faculty research and research commercialization efforts,
   94  instructional and research infrastructure, undergraduate student
   95  participation in research, professional development, awards for
   96  outstanding performance, and postdoctoral fellowships.
   97         (3) FUNDING AND USE.—Funding for the program shall be as
   98  provided in the General Appropriations Act. Each state
   99  university shall use the funds only for the purpose and
  100  investments authorized under this section.
  101         Section 3. Section 1004.6498, Florida Statutes, is created
  102  to read:
  103         1004.6498 State University Professional and Graduate Degree
  104  Excellence Program.—
  105         (1) PURPOSE.—The State University Professional and Graduate
  106  Degree Excellence Program is established to fund and support the
  107  efforts of state universities to enhance the quality and
  108  excellence of professional and graduate schools and degree
  109  programs in medicine, law, and business and expand the economic
  110  impact of state universities.
  111         (2) INVESTMENTS.—Quality improvement efforts may include,
  112  but are not limited to, targeted investments in faculty,
  113  students, research, infrastructure, and other strategic
  114  endeavors to elevate the national and global prominence of state
  115  university medicine, law, and graduate-level business programs.
  116         (3) FUNDING AND USE.—Funding for the program shall be as
  117  provided in the General Appropriations Act. Each state
  118  university shall use the funds only for the purpose and
  119  investments authorized under this section.
  120         Section 4. Section 1013.79, Florida Statutes, is amended to
  121  read:
  122         1013.79 University Facility Enhancement Challenge Grant
  123  Program.—
  124         (1) The Legislature recognizes that the universities do not
  125  have sufficient physical facilities to meet the current demands
  126  of their instructional and research programs. It further
  127  recognizes that, to strengthen and enhance universities, it is
  128  necessary to provide facilities in addition to those currently
  129  available from existing revenue sources. It further recognizes
  130  that there are sources of private support that, if matched with
  131  state support, can assist in constructing much-needed facilities
  132  and strengthen the commitment of citizens and organizations in
  133  promoting excellence throughout the state universities.
  134  Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to establish a
  135  trust fund to provide the opportunity for each university to
  136  receive support for challenge grants for instructional and
  137  research-related capital facilities within the university.
  138         (2) There is established the Alec P. Courtelis University
  139  Facility Enhancement Challenge Grant Program for the purpose of
  140  assisting universities build high priority instructional and
  141  research-related capital facilities, including common areas
  142  connecting such facilities. The associated foundations that
  143  serve the universities shall solicit gifts from private sources
  144  to provide matching funds for capital facilities. For the
  145  purposes of this act, private sources of funds may shall not
  146  include any federal, state, or local government funds that a
  147  university may receive.
  148         (3)(a) There is established the Alec P. Courtelis Capital
  149  Facilities Matching Trust Fund to facilitate the development of
  150  high priority instructional and research-related capital
  151  facilities, including common areas connecting such facilities,
  152  within a university. All appropriated funds deposited into the
  153  trust fund shall be invested pursuant to s. 17.61. Interest
  154  income accruing to that portion of the trust fund shall increase
  155  the total funds available for the challenge grant program.
  156         (b) Effective July 1, 2009, the Alec P. Courtelis Capital
  157  Facilities Matching Trust Fund is terminated.
  158         (c) The State Board of Education shall pay any outstanding
  159  debts and obligations of the terminated fund as soon as
  160  practicable, and the Chief Financial Officer shall close out and
  161  remove the terminated funds from various state accounting
  162  systems using generally accepted accounting principles
  163  concerning warrants outstanding, assets, and liabilities.
  164         (d) By June 30, 2008, all private funds and associated
  165  interest earnings held in the Alec P. Courtelis Capital
  166  Facilities Matching Trust Fund shall be transferred to the
  167  originating university’s individual program account.
  168         (3)(4) Each university shall establish, pursuant to s.
  169  1011.42, a facilities matching grant program account as a
  170  depository for private contributions provided under this
  171  section. Once a project is under contract, funds appropriated as
  172  state matching funds may be transferred to the university’s
  173  account once the Board of Governors certifies receipt of the
  174  private matching funds pursuant to subsection (4) (5). State
  175  funds that are not needed as matching funds for the project for
  176  which appropriated shall be transferred, together with any
  177  accrued interest, back to the state fund from which such funds
  178  were appropriated. The transfer of unneeded state funds must
  179  shall occur within 30 days after final completion of the project
  180  or within 30 days after a determination that the project will
  181  not be completed. The Public Education Capital Outlay and Debt
  182  Service Trust Fund or the Capital Improvement Trust Fund may
  183  shall not be used as the source of the state match for private
  184  contributions. Interest income accruing from the private
  185  donations shall be returned to the participating foundation upon
  186  completion of the project.
  187         (4)(5) A project may not be initiated unless all private
  188  funds for planning, construction, and equipping the facility
  189  have been received and deposited in the separate university
  190  program account designated for this purpose. However, these
  191  requirements do not preclude the university from expending funds
  192  derived from private sources to develop a prospectus, including
  193  preliminary architectural schematics or models, for use in its
  194  efforts to raise private funds for a facility, and for site
  195  preparation, planning, and construction. The Board of Governors
  196  shall establish a method for validating the receipt and deposit
  197  of private matching funds. The Legislature may appropriate the
  198  state’s matching funds in one or more fiscal years for the
  199  planning, construction, and equipping of an eligible facility.
  200  Each university shall notify all donors of private funds of a
  201  substantial delay in the availability of state matching funds
  202  for this program.
  203         (5)(6) To be eligible to participate in the Alec P.
  204  Courtelis University Facility Enhancement Challenge Grant
  205  Program, a university must shall raise a contribution equal to
  206  one-half of the total cost of a facilities construction project
  207  from private nongovernmental sources which must shall be matched
  208  by a state appropriation equal to the amount raised for a
  209  facilities construction project subject to the General
  210  Appropriations Act.
  211         (6)(7) If the state’s share of the required match is
  212  insufficient to meet the requirements of subsection (5) (6), the
  213  university must shall renegotiate the terms of the contribution
  214  with the donors. If the project is terminated, each private
  215  donation, plus accrued interest, reverts to the foundation for
  216  remittance to the donor.
  217         (7)(8) By October 15 of each year, the Board of Governors
  218  shall transmit to the Legislature a list of projects that meet
  219  all eligibility requirements to participate in the Alec P.
  220  Courtelis University Facility Enhancement Challenge Grant
  221  Program and a budget request that includes the recommended
  222  schedule necessary to complete each project.
  223         (8)(9) In order for a project to be eligible under this
  224  program, it must be included in the university 5-year capital
  225  improvement plan and must receive approval from the Board of
  226  Governors or the Legislature.
  227         (9)(10) A university’s project may not be removed from the
  228  approved 3-year PECO priority list because of its successful
  229  participation in this program until approved by the Legislature
  230  and provided for in the General Appropriations Act. When such a
  231  project is completed and removed from the list, all other
  232  projects shall move up on the 3-year PECO priority list. A
  233  university may shall not use PECO funds, including the Capital
  234  Improvement Trust Fund fee and the building fee, to complete a
  235  project under this section.
  236         (10)(11) The surveys, architectural plans, facility, and
  237  equipment are shall be the property of the State of Florida. A
  238  facility constructed pursuant to this section may be named in
  239  honor of a donor at the option of the university and the Board
  240  of Governors. A No facility may not shall be named after a
  241  living person without prior approval by the Legislature.
  242         (11)(12) Effective July 1, 2011, state matching funds are
  243  temporarily suspended for donations received for this program on
  244  or after June 30, 2011. Existing eligible donations remain
  245  eligible for future matching funds. The program may be restarted
  246  after $200 million of the backlog for programs under ss.
  247  1011.32, 1011.85, 1011.94, and this section have been matched.
  248         (12) Notwithstanding the suspension provision under
  249  subsection (11), for the 2017-2018 fiscal year and subject to
  250  the General Appropriations Act, the Legislature may choose to
  251  prioritize funding for those projects that have matching funds
  252  available before June 30, 2011, and that have not yet been
  253  constructed.
  254         Section 5. Subsection (3) of section 267.062, Florida
  255  Statutes, is amended to read:
  256         267.062 Naming of state buildings and other facilities.—
  257         (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1) or s.
  258  1013.79(10) s. 1013.79(11), any state building, road, bridge,
  259  park, recreational complex, or other similar facility of a state
  260  university may be named for a living person by the university
  261  board of trustees in accordance with regulations adopted by the
  262  Board of Governors of the State University System.
  263         Section 6. This act shall take effect July 1, 2017.