Florida Senate - 2017                             (NP)    SR 402
       By Senator Passidomo
       28-00609-17                                            2017402__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing May 2017 as “Bladder Cancer
    3         Awareness Month” in Florida.
    5         WHEREAS, the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Statistics
    6  Center estimates that, in 2017, 79,030 new cases of urinary
    7  bladder cancer will be diagnosed nationwide, with 16,870 people
    8  dying from the disease, and
    9         WHEREAS, approximately 587,000 people in the United States
   10  are currently living with a diagnosis of urinary bladder cancer,
   11  and
   12         WHEREAS, the center estimates that Florida will have 6,430
   13  new cases of urinary bladder cancer in 2017, making it the sixth
   14  most common cancer in this state in terms of new cases, and
   15         WHEREAS, although bladder cancer can occur at any age, the
   16  center reports that a higher percentage of people suffering from
   17  the disease are over the age of 55, with the historical
   18  probability of developing urinary bladder cancer highest for
   19  those over the age of 70, and
   20         WHEREAS, in keeping with its population ranking and large
   21  elderly population, Florida is projected by the center to have
   22  the second highest number of new cases of urinary bladder cancer
   23  in the 50 states in 2017, and
   24         WHEREAS, the center reports that urinary bladder cancer was
   25  the fourth most common cancer in men in Florida for the 5-year
   26  period beginning in 2009, with men currently having a 1 in 26
   27  chance of being diagnosed in their lifetimes, while women have
   28  only a 1 in 88 chance of being diagnosed, and
   29         WHEREAS, due to a recurrence rate of greater than 50
   30  percent, urinary bladder cancer is one of the most expensive
   31  cancers to treat over the lifetime of the patient, and
   32         WHEREAS, smoking, employment in certain professions with
   33  chemical exposures, and certain military chemical exposures
   34  increase the likelihood that an individual will develop urinary
   35  bladder cancer, and
   36         WHEREAS, the diagnosis of urinary bladder cancer in women
   37  is often delayed until after common gynecological problems can
   38  be ruled out, and
   39         WHEREAS, most people do not know the early, vague signs and
   40  symptoms of urinary bladder cancer and should discuss concerns
   41  about their urinary systems with their doctor, NOW, THEREFORE,
   43  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   45         That May 2017 is recognized as “Bladder Cancer Awareness
   46  Month” in Florida.