Florida Senate - 2017                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 62
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                   Comm: RS            .                                
                  02/07/2017           .                                

       The Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability
       (Bean) recommended the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 73 - 196
    4  and insert:
    5         i. Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando.
    6         j. Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando.
    7         2. Pediatric cardiologists or pediatric cardiovascular
    8  surgeons nominated by the chief executive officer of a hospital
    9  that holds a current certificate of need for a pediatric cardiac
   10  program and that meets state and national standards as
   11  recommended by the council following an onsite visit by a panel
   12  from the council.
   13         3. Two physicians who are pediatric cardiologists or
   14  subspecialists with expertise in congenital heart disease; who
   15  are not associated with a facility otherwise represented by a
   16  voting member of the council; and who are appointed in
   17  consultation with the Deputy Secretary for Children’s Medical
   18  Services and the Director of Children’s Medical Services.
   19         4. A community physician who has ongoing involvement with
   20  and special interest in the treatment of children with heart
   21  disease and who is not associated with a facility represented in
   22  the membership of the council pursuant to subparagraph 1. or
   23  subparagraph 2. or a community-based medical internist who has
   24  experience in treating adults with congenital heart disease.
   25  Appointment of a community physician shall be made in
   26  consultation with the Deputy Secretary for Children’s Medical
   27  Services and the Director of Children’s Medical Services.
   28         5.Appointments made under subparagraphs 1. and 2. are
   29  contingent on the nominating hospital’s maintenance of pediatric
   30  certificates of need and the hospital’s compliance with the
   31  state and national standards identified by the council in
   32  exercising its duties under subparagraph (f)5. A member whose
   33  hospital fails to maintain such certificates or comply with such
   34  standards during his or her term, as determined by the State
   35  Surgeon General, may serve only in an advisory capacity as a
   36  nonvoting member until such time as the maintenance of such
   37  certificates and compliance with such standards are restored.
   38         (b) The State Surgeon General may appoint nonvoting,
   39  advisory members to the council in consultation with the Deputy
   40  Secretary for Children’s Medical Services and the Director of
   41  Children’s Medical Services. Such members may participate in
   42  council discussions and subcommittees created by the council.
   43         (c) The chair and vice chair of the council shall be
   44  elected by the council members to 2-year terms and may not serve
   45  more than two consecutive terms.
   46         (d) The council shall meet upon the call of the chair or
   47  two or more voting members or upon the call of the State Surgeon
   48  General, but must meet at least quarterly. Council meetings must
   49  be conducted by teleconference or through other electronic means
   50  when feasible.
   51         (e) Council members shall serve without compensation, but
   52  are entitled to reimbursement for per diem and travel expenses
   53  in accordance with s. 112.061.
   54         (f) The duties of the council include, but are not limited
   55  to:
   56         1. Recommending standards for personnel, clinics, and
   57  facilities that provide cardiac services to clients of the
   58  department and the program and for the diagnosis of cardiac
   59  conditions.
   60         2. Analyzing reports on the periodic review of cardiac care
   61  personnel, clinics, facilities, and diagnoses to determine if
   62  established state and national standards for cardiac services
   63  are being met.
   64         3. Making recommendations to the Director of Children’s
   65  Medical Services regarding determinations of whether reviewed
   66  cardiac care personnel, clinics, facilities, and diagnoses meet
   67  established state and national standards for cardiac services.
   68         4. Making recommendations to the Director of Children’s
   69  Medical Services regarding the intervals for reinspection of
   70  cardiac care personnel, clinics, facilities, and diagnoses
   71  meeting established state and national standards for cardiac
   72  services.
   73         5. Reviewing and inspecting a hospital upon the request of
   74  the hospital, the department, or the Agency for Health Care
   75  Administration to analyze its compliance with established state
   76  and national standards for cardiac services.
   77         6. Advising the department and the Agency for Health Care
   78  Administration on all aspects of the provision of cardiac care
   79  under the program, including rulemaking, and on all components
   80  of providing care to adults and children with congenital heart
   81  disease and children with acquired heart disease.
   82         7. Reviewing and analyzing compliance by cardiac care
   83  personnel, clinics, and facilities with the recognized state and
   84  national professional standards of care for children with heart
   85  disease.
   86         8. Making recommendations to the State Surgeon General for
   87  legislation regarding and appropriations for pediatric cardiac
   88  services.
   89         9. Providing advisory opinions to the Agency for Health
   90  Care Administration before the agency approves a certificate of
   91  need for pediatric cardiac services.
   93  CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE.—Upon the recommendation of the council
   94  and the Director of Children’s Medical Services, the State
   95  Surgeon General shall designate facilities that the council
   96  recommends have met state and national professional standards of
   97  care for children with heart disease as Pediatric and Congenital
   98  Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence. The council shall
   99  recommend measurable performance standards and evaluation tools
  100  to be used in determining whether a facility qualifies for such
  101  designation. The designation of a facility as a center of
  102  excellence is automatically withdrawn if the facility no longer
  103  meets, as determined by the State Surgeon General, the
  104  performance standards that qualified it for such designation.
  105         (4) ANNUAL REPORT.—Beginning in January 1, 2019, and by
  106  each January 1 thereafter, the council shall submit an annual
  107  report to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker
  108  of the House of Representatives, and the State Surgeon General.
  109  The report must summarize the council’s activities during the
  110  preceding fiscal year and include data and performance measures
  111  on surgical morbidity and mortality for all the pediatric
  112  cardiac facilities that participated in the program. The report
  113  must also recommend any policy or procedural changes that would
  114  increase the council’s effectiveness in monitoring the
  115  performance of such facilities.
  116         (5) RULEMAKING.—
  117         (a) The department, in coordination with the Agency for
  118  Health Care Administration, shall develop rules related to
  119  pediatric cardiac care and facilities that participate in the
  120  program. The rules shall establish standards relating to the
  121  training and credentialing of medical and surgical personnel,
  122  minimum case volumes for facilities and physicians, and data
  123  reporting requirements for monitoring and enhancing quality
  124  assurance. The rules shall meet or exceed the standard of care
  125  provided in Children’s Medical Services Pediatric Cardiac
  126  Facilities Standards established in October 2012.
  127         (b) The department may also adopt rules relating to the
  128  establishment, operation, and authority of the council and the
  129  process, performance standards, and evaluation tools for
  130  designating facilities as Pediatric and Congenital
  131  Cardiovascular Centers of Excellence.
  133  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  134  And the title is amended as follows:
  135         Delete lines 22 - 23
  136  and insert:
  137         Excellence; providing