Florida Senate - 2017                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 796
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  05/09/2017           .                                

       The Committee on Appropriations (Montford) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment to Amendment (406464) 
    3         Delete lines 68 - 145
    4  and insert:
    5  status as a high-impact school operator is valid for 3 years
    6  after the opening of a high-impact school. If a high-impact
    7  school operator seeks the renewal of its status, such renewal
    8  shall solely be based upon the academic and financial
    9  performance of all schools established by the operator in the
   10  state since its initial designation and the operator’s material
   11  compliance with the terms of its performance-based agreement
   12  established pursuant to subsection (5).
   13         (4)ESTABLISHMENT OF HIGH-IMPACT SCHOOLS.—A high-impact
   14  school operator may submit a notice of intent to open a high
   15  impact school to the school district in which a persistently
   16  low-performing school has been identified by the State Board of
   17  Education pursuant to subsection (9).
   18         (a)The notice of intent must include:
   19         1.An academic focus and plan;
   20         2.A financial plan;
   21         3.Goals and objectives for increasing student achievement
   22  for the students from any persistently low-performing school and
   23  students from low-income families;
   24         4.A completed or planned community outreach plan;
   25         5.The organizational history of success in working with
   26  students with similar demographics;
   27         6.The grade levels to be served and enrollment
   28  projections;
   29         7.The proposed location or geographic area proposed for
   30  the school and its proximity to the persistently low-performing
   31  school; and
   32         8.A staffing plan.
   33         (b)A school district with a school that is designated, or
   34  is likely to be designated, as a persistently low-performing
   35  school during the 2017-2018 school year may, with the approval
   36  of the State Board of Education contingent on its determination
   37  that the school will likely improve to a grade of “C” or higher
   38  during the 2018-2019 school year, implement a new turnaround
   39  option specified under s. 1008.33(4). Absent the approval of the
   40  state board, a school district must enter into a performance
   41  based agreement with a high-impact operator, or may relinquish
   42  authority to the state board to enter into a performance-based
   43  agreement with a high-impact school operator, to open one or
   44  more high-impact schools.
   45         (5)PERFORMANCE-BASED AGREEMENT.—The performance-based
   46  agreement must include all of the following components:
   47         (a)The notice of intent, which is incorporated by
   48  reference and attached to the agreement.
   49         (b)The location or geographic area proposed for the high
   50  impact school and its proximity to the persistently low
   51  performing school.
   52         (c)An enumeration of the grades to be served in each year
   53  of the agreement and whether the school will serve children in
   54  the school readiness or prekindergarten programs.
   55         (d)A plan of action and specific milestones for student
   56  recruitment and the enrollment of students from persistently
   57  low-performing schools, including enrollment preferences and
   58  procedures for conducting transparent admissions lotteries that
   59  are open to the public; however, enrollment preference must be
   60  given to students who are attending, or are assigned to attend,
   61  a persistently low-performing school. If the high-impact
   62  school’s total enrollment consists of at least 60 percent of
   63  students who were attending, or were assigned to attend, a
   64  persistently low-performing school, students attending the high
   65  impact school are exempt, to the extent permitted by federal
   66  grant requirements, from any enrollment lottery.
   67         (e)A delineation of the current incoming baseline standard
   68  of student academic achievement, the outcomes to be achieved,
   69  and the method of measurement that will be used.
   70         (f)A description of the methods of involving parents and
   71  expected levels for such involvement.
   72         (g)The grounds for termination, including failure to meet
   73  the requirements for student performance established pursuant to
   74  paragraph (e), generally accepted standards of fiscal
   75  management, or material violation of terms of the agreement. The
   76  nonrenewal or termination of a performance-based agreement must
   77  comply with the requirements of s. 1002.33(8).
   78         (h)A provision allowing the high-impact school operator to
   79  open additional schools to serve students enrolled in or zoned
   80  for a persistently low-performing school if the high-impact
   81  school operator maintains its status under subsection (3).
   82         (i)A provision establishing the initial term as 3 years.