Florida Senate - 2018                             CS for SB 1388
       By the Committee on Education; and Senator Garcia
       581-02588-18                                          20181388c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to preapprenticeship and
    3         apprenticeship programs; establishing the Task Force
    4         on Apprenticeship Expansion within the Department of
    5         Economic Opportunity; defining terms; specifying the
    6         duties of the task force; requiring the task force to
    7         be comprised of certain members appointed by a
    8         specified date; providing requirements for meetings of
    9         the task force; requiring task force members to serve
   10         without compensation; requiring the department and the
   11         Department of Education to provide specified
   12         assistance to the task force; requiring the task force
   13         to submit a report to the Governor and Legislature by
   14         a specified date; providing for the future expiration
   15         of the task force; providing an effective date.
   17  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   19         Section 1. (1)The Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion
   20  is created within the Department of Economic Opportunity.
   21         (2)As used in this act, the term:
   22         (a) “Apprentice” has the same meaning as defined in s.
   23  446.021, Florida Statutes.
   24         (b) “Apprenticeship program” has the same meaning as
   25  defined in s. 446.021, Florida Statutes.
   26         (c) “Preapprentice” has the same meaning as defined in s.
   27  446.021, Florida Statutes.
   28         (d) “Preapprenticeship program” has the same meaning as
   29  defined in s. 446.021, Florida Statutes.
   30         (e)“School district” has the same meaning as defined in s.
   31  595.402, Florida Statutes.
   32         (f)“Targeted industry” means a corporate headquarters
   33  business or a target industry business as defined in s.
   34  288.106(2), Florida Statutes.
   35         (3)The task force shall:
   36         (a)Seek information from representatives of and experts in
   37  the state’s targeted industries regarding unmet workforce needs
   38  that could be addressed through the expansion of
   39  preapprenticeship and apprenticeship programs without impacting
   40  currently registered programs. Such information may be submitted
   41  in writing or electronically or gathered through in-person
   42  meetings and panel discussions.
   43         (b)Examine and make legislative and administrative
   44  recommendations regarding topics including:
   45         1.Increasing recruitment of women, members of minority
   46  groups, low-income individuals, veterans, and individuals with
   47  disabilities into registered preapprenticeship and
   48  apprenticeship programs.
   49         2.Enhancing articulation between middle school curriculum;
   50  high school career and technical education programs, including
   51  registered preapprenticeship programs; registered apprenticeship
   52  programs; postsecondary institution curriculum; and workforce
   53  needs.
   54         3.Ensuring the effective delivery of information regarding
   55  career and technical education opportunities, including
   56  registered preapprenticeship and apprenticeship programs, to the
   57  general public, school districts, school administrators, school
   58  guidance counselors, and students enrolled in grades K-12 and
   59  their parents or guardians.
   60         4.Implementing a sustainable model for the funding of
   61  registered preapprenticeship and apprenticeship programs,
   62  including the development of additional revenue sources,
   63  expansion of public-private partnerships, establishment of
   64  student scholarships, and replacement of funds lost through
   65  remission of tuition and fees.
   66         5.Instituting limited income tax credits or economic
   67  development incentives for taxpayers employing preapprentices or
   68  apprentices through a registered preapprenticeship or
   69  apprenticeship program.
   70         6.Guaranteeing access for enrollees in registered
   71  preapprenticeship and apprenticeship programs ages 16 and 17 to
   72  all appropriate learning opportunities consistent with the
   73  provisions of federal worker compensation and child labor laws.
   74         (c)Consider additional topics including:
   75         1.The impact of changes to federal laws and administrative
   76  policies regarding career and technical education, secondary
   77  institution curriculum, and workforce needs.
   78         2.The best practices in other states that have
   79  successfully expanded registered preapprenticeship and
   80  apprenticeship programs.
   81         3.The best practices in benchmark occupational standards
   82  and apprenticeship program models to initiate globally
   83  competitive workforce training programs in the state.
   84         (4)The task force is comprised of the following 20
   85  members, who shall be appointed no later than July 31, 2018:
   86         (a)A member of the Senate appointed by the President of
   87  the Senate.
   88         (b)A member of the House of Representatives appointed by
   89  the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
   90         (c)A member appointed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce.
   91         (d)A member appointed by the National Federation of
   92  Independent Business/Florida.
   93         (e)A member appointed by the Florida AFL-CIO.
   94         (f)A member appointed by the Florida Education
   95  Association.
   96         (g)A member appointed by the United Faculty of Florida.
   97         (h)A member appointed by the Florida High Tech Corridor
   98  Council.
   99         (i)A member appointed by the Associated General
  100  Contractors of Greater Florida.
  101         (j)The Chancellor of the Division of Career and Adult
  102  Education, or his or her designee.
  103         (k)The Chancellor of the Division of Florida Colleges, or
  104  his or her designee.
  105         (l)The Chancellor of the State University System, or his
  106  or her designee.
  107         (m)A member appointed by the Association of Florida
  108  Colleges.
  109         (n)A member appointed by the Florida Association of
  110  Postsecondary Schools and Colleges.
  111         (o)A member appointed by the executive director of the
  112  Department of Economic Opportunity.
  113         (p)A member appointed by the President and CEO of
  114  CareerSource Florida.
  115         (q)A member appointed by the Florida League of Cities.
  116         (r)A member appointed by the Florida Association of
  117  Counties.
  118         (s)A member appointed by the Florida Building and
  119  Construction Trades Council.
  120         (t)A member appointed by the Florida Association of
  121  Apprenticeship Administrators.
  122         (5)The task force shall elect a chair from among its
  123  members.
  124         (6)(a)The task force shall meet as often as necessary to
  125  fulfill its goals, but not fewer than three times.
  126         (b)The first meeting of the task force must be held no
  127  later than August 15, 2018.
  128         (c)Task force meetings may be conducted by conference
  129  call, teleconferencing, or similar technology.
  130         (7)Task force members shall serve without compensation.
  131         (8)The Department of Economic Opportunity and the
  132  Department of Education shall provide such assistance as is
  133  reasonably necessary to assist the task force in accomplishing
  134  its goals.
  135         (9)The task force shall submit a report detailing its
  136  activities and findings to the Governor, the President of the
  137  Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by March
  138  1, 2019.
  139         (10)This act expires July 31, 2019.
  140         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2018.