Florida Senate - 2018                            (NP)    SR 1824
       By Senator Campbell
       38-01390A-18                                          20181824__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing the City of North Miami on
    3         the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of its founding.
    5         WHEREAS, the City of North Miami, which has a rich history
    6  dating back to the 1800s, was originally the settlement Arch
    7  Creek, known for a 40-foot natural limestone bridge across the
    8  waterway, and
    9         WHEREAS, at the urging of early developers E.C. Harner,
   10  Earl Irons, and Arthur Griffing, a majority of Arch Creek’s 47
   11  registered voters cast ballots in favor of incorporating their
   12  community, and on February 5, 1926, the Town of Miami Shores was
   13  born, setting the stage for remarkable growth and development,
   14  and
   15         WHEREAS, after the Shoreland Company lobbied the 1931
   16  Florida Legislature to grant the company’s huge development the
   17  name “Village of Miami Shores,” the town’s residents picked the
   18  name “North Miami,” and in the decades that followed, the Town
   19  of North Miami was one of the fastest-growing areas in the
   20  nation, and
   21         WHEREAS, in response to their community’s growth, residents
   22  voted in 1952 to adopt a new charter and rename their home the
   23  City of North Miami, and
   24         WHEREAS, the City of North Miami’s convenient location
   25  between Fort Lauderdale and Miami means the city has good access
   26  to beaches, airports, seaports, tourist attractions,
   27  universities, and cultural venues, and
   28         WHEREAS, a tour through the City of North Miami reveals
   29  that the community has one of the largest concentrations of mid
   30  20th century modern buildings in South Florida, and it is home
   31  to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the state,
   32  and
   33         WHEREAS, the City of North Miami was named a 2010 All
   34  American City award winner, and city leaders and residents
   35  remain committed to the goal of North Miami having a strong
   36  educational and arts community, beautiful parks, and a greener,
   37  healthier quality of life, and
   38         WHEREAS, the City of North Miami is led by Mayor Smith
   39  Joseph, D.O., Pharm.D.; Councilmembers Philippe Bien-Aime, Alix
   40  Desulme, Scott Galvin, and Carol Keys; and City Manager Larry M.
   41  Spring, Jr., NOW, THEREFORE,
   43  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   45         That the City of North Miami is recognized on the occasion
   46  of the 92nd anniversary of its founding.