Florida Senate - 2018                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for SB 382
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       Senator Book moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment 
    3         Delete line 44
    4  and insert:
    5         (11) The bridge on Peninsula Corp Drive over I-95 in Palm
    6  Beach County is designated as “Richard Jason Randolph Memorial
    7  Bridge.”
    8         (12) That portion of I-75/S.R. 93 (03175000) between mile
    9  marker 110 and the Broward County line in Collier County is
   10  designated as “Submarine Veterans Memorial Highway.”
   11         (13) That portion of S.R. 4 between Munson Highway and S.R.
   12  189 in Santa Rosa and Okaloosa Counties is designated as
   13  “Senator Greg Evers Memorial Highway.”
   14         (14) That portion of U.S. 90/S.R. 10 between S.R. 285 and
   15  N. 9th Street/S.R. 83 N. in Walton County is designated as
   16  “Lieutenant Ewart T. Sconiers Highway.”
   17         (15) That portion of S.R. 9336/S.W. 344th Street/W. Palm
   18  Drive between S.W. 192nd Avenue/Tower Road and S.W. 177th
   19  Avenue/S. Krome Avenue in Miami-Dade County is designated as
   20  “Steve Mainster Memorial Drive.”
   21         (16) Upon completion of construction, the pedestrian bridge
   22  over S.R. 390 at Kentucky Avenue and Mowat School Road in Bay
   23  County is designated as “Harold Haynes Memorial Pedestrian
   24  Bridge.”
   25         (17) That portion of S.R. 109/University Boulevard between
   26  Clifton Avenue and Fort Caroline Road in Duval County is
   27  designated as “Jim Tullis Memorial Boulevard.”
   28         (18) That portion of S.R. 46 between International Parkway
   29  and S.R. 431/Orange Boulevard in Seminole County is designated
   30  as “Dr. R.C. Sproul Way.”
   31         (19) That portion of S.R. 190/Valparaiso Parkway between
   32  S.R. 85/Government Avenue and S.R. 397/John Sims Parkway in
   33  Okaloosa County is designated as “John B. Arnold, Jr., Memorial
   34  Highway.”
   35         (20) Bridge number 570018 on S.R. 85/Eglin Parkway over
   36  Garnier Bayou in Okaloosa County is designated as “Deputies Tony
   37  Forgione and Bill Myers Memorial Bridge.”
   38         (21) That portion of S.R. 85 between College Boulevard and
   39  Colonel Greg Malloy Road in Okaloosa County is designated as
   40  “SFC William Kelly Lacey Memorial Highway.”
   41         (22) That portion of S.R. 414/Maitland Boulevard between
   42  Magnolia Homes Road and S.R. 434/Forest City Road in Seminole
   43  County is designated as “Deputy Matt Miller Memorial Boulevard.”
   44         (23) That portion of S.R. 464/Maricamp Road between S.E.
   45  25th Avenue and S.E. 24th Street in Marion County is designated
   46  as “Nelle W. Needham Memorial Highway.”
   47         (24) Bridge numbers 150202 and 150203 on S.R. 580/Main
   48  Street in Pinellas County are designated as “Gold Star Family
   49  Memorial Bridge, dedicated to U.S. Army CPL Frank R. Gross.”
   50         (25) That portion of U.S. 17-92 between Wisconsin Avenue
   51  and Saxon Boulevard in Volusia County is designated as “Amos
   52  Walter Atchley Memorial Highway.”
   53         (26) That portion of S.R. 415 between Acorn Lake Road and
   54  Reed Ellis Road in Volusia County is designated as “David G.
   55  Ledgerwood Memorial Highway.”
   56         (27) That portion of E. 9th Avenue between N. 13th Street
   57  and N. 14th Street in Hillsborough County is designated as “Nick
   58  Capitano Memorial Road.”
   59         (28) That portion of C.R. 574/7th Avenue between N. 20th
   60  Street and 22nd Street in Hillsborough County is designated as
   61  “Gonzmart Memorial Road.”
   62         (29) That portion of S.R. 583/56th Street between S.R.
   63  574/E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard and Harney Road in
   64  Hillsborough County is designated as “Pepin Memorial Road.”
   65         (30) That portion of Port Avenue between McCloskey
   66  Boulevard and Shoreline Avenue in Hillsborough County is
   67  designated as “Barkett Memorial Road.”
   68         (31) That portion of N. MacDill Avenue between W. Woodlawn
   69  Avenue and S.R. 574 in Hillsborough County is designated as “Jim
   70  Holmes Memorial Road.”
   71         (32) That portion of the San Juan Street Extension in
   72  Anastasia State Park between Santander Street and Anastasia Park
   73  Road in St. Johns County is designated as “Nona and Popa Road.”
   74         (33) That portion of U.S. 90 between Main Avenue and Martin
   75  Luther King, Jr., Avenue in Jefferson County is designated as
   76  “Lance Corporal Clemon ‘Clyde’ Alexander Memorial Drive.”
   77         (34) That portion of S.R. 115/Southside Boulevard between
   78  Geiger Road and Leahy Road in Duval County is designated as
   79  “Benolken Parkway.”
   80         (35) That portion of U.S. 90 between the Shoal River Bridge
   81  and the Walton County line in Okaloosa County is designated as
   82  “Deputies Skip York and Burt Lopez Memorial Highway.”
   83         (36) That portion of S.R. 19 between Lane Park Cutoff Road
   84  and U.S. 441 in Lake County is designated as “Sheriff Chris
   85  Daniels Memorial Highway.”
   86         (37)The Department of Transportation is directed to erect