Florida Senate - 2018                                     SB 672
       By Senator Stargel
       22-00856-18                                            2018672__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to truck license taxes; amending s.
    3         320.08, F.S.; revising which truck tractors and heavy
    4         trucks transporting certain agricultural or
    5         horticultural products are eligible for reduced
    6         license taxes; providing an effective date.
    8  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   10         Section 1. Paragraph (n) of subsection (4) of section
   11  320.08, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
   12         320.08 License taxes.—Except as otherwise provided herein,
   13  there are hereby levied and imposed annual license taxes for the
   14  operation of motor vehicles, mopeds, motorized bicycles as
   15  defined in s. 316.003(3), tri-vehicles as defined in s. 316.003,
   16  and mobile homes as defined in s. 320.01, which shall be paid to
   17  and collected by the department or its agent upon the
   18  registration or renewal of registration of the following:
   21         (n) A truck tractor or heavy truck, not operated as a for
   22  hire vehicle and, which is engaged exclusively in transporting
   23  raw, unprocessed, and nonmanufactured agricultural or
   24  horticultural products within the state a 150-mile radius of its
   25  home address, is eligible for a restricted license plate for a
   26  fee of:
   27         1. If such vehicle’s declared gross vehicle weight is less
   28  than 44,000 pounds, $87.75 flat, of which $22.75 shall be
   29  deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
   30         2. If such vehicle’s declared gross vehicle weight is
   31  44,000 pounds or more and such vehicle only transports from the
   32  point of production to the point of primary manufacture; to the
   33  point of assembling the same; or to a shipping point of a rail,
   34  water, or motor transportation company, $324 flat, of which $84
   35  shall be deposited into the General Revenue Fund.
   37  Such not-for-hire truck tractors and heavy trucks used
   38  exclusively in transporting raw, unprocessed, and
   39  nonmanufactured agricultural or horticultural products may be
   40  incidentally used to haul farm implements and fertilizers
   41  delivered direct to the growers. The department may require any
   42  documentation deemed necessary to determine eligibility before
   43  prior to issuance of this license plate. For the purpose of this
   44  paragraph, “not-for-hire” means the owner of the motor vehicle
   45  must also be the owner of the raw, unprocessed, and
   46  nonmanufactured agricultural or horticultural product, or the
   47  user of the farm implements and fertilizer being delivered.
   48         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2018.