2018 Legislature                                         SB 7028
    2         An act relating to ratification of Department of
    3         Elderly Affairs rules; ratifying a specified rule
    4         relating to emergency environmental control for
    5         assisted living facilities for the sole and exclusive
    6         purpose of satisfying any condition on effectiveness
    7         pursuant to s. 120.541(3), F.S., which requires
    8         ratification of any rule exceeding the specified
    9         thresholds for likely adverse impact or increase in
   10         regulatory costs; providing applicability; providing
   11         an effective date.
   13  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   15         Section 1. (1) The following rule is ratified for the sole
   16  and exclusive purpose of satisfying any condition on
   17  effectiveness imposed under s. 120.541(3), Florida Statutes:
   18  Rule 58A-5.036, Florida Administrative Code, entitled “Emergency
   19  Environmental Control for Assisted Living Facilities,” as filed
   20  for adoption with the Department of State pursuant to the
   21  certification package dated February 13, 2018.
   22         (2) This act serves no other purpose and may not be
   23  codified in the Florida Statutes. After this act becomes law,
   24  its enactment and effective dates shall be noted in the Florida
   25  Administrative Code, the Florida Administrative Register, or
   26  both, as appropriate. This act does not alter rulemaking
   27  authority delegated by prior law, does not constitute
   28  legislative preemption of or exception to any provision of law
   29  governing adoption or enforcement of the rule cited, and is
   30  intended to preserve the status of any cited rule as a rule
   31  under chapter 120, Florida Statutes. This act does not cure any
   32  rulemaking defect or preempt any challenge based on a lack of
   33  authority or a violation of the legal requirements governing the
   34  adoption of any rule cited.
   35         Section 2. This act shall take effect upon becoming law.