Florida Senate - 2020                                    SB 1092
       By Senator Bean
       4-00998A-20                                           20201092__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to fire prevention and control;
    3         creating s. 633.137, F.S.; creating the Firefighter
    4         Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant Program within
    5         the Division of State Fire Marshal of the Department
    6         of Financial Services for certain purposes; requiring
    7         the division to administer the program and annually
    8         award grants, and distribute equipment and training,
    9         to qualifying fire departments in a certain manner;
   10         requiring the State Fire Marshal to adopt rules and
   11         procedures; providing application criteria; providing
   12         requirements for grant recipients; providing an
   13         effective date.
   15  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   17         Section 1. Section 633.137, Florida Statutes, is created to
   18  read:
   19         633.137Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant
   20  Program.—
   21         (1)The Firefighter Cancer Decontamination Equipment Grant
   22  Program is created within the division to help protect the
   23  health and safety of firefighters in this state. The program
   24  shall provide financial assistance to help fire departments,
   25  including volunteer fire departments, procure equipment,
   26  supplies, and educational training designed to mitigate exposure
   27  to hazardous, cancer-causing chemicals.
   28         (2)The division shall administer the program and annually
   29  award grants to fire departments on a need-based basis. The
   30  division shall distribute equipment and training in a manner
   31  that leads to the greatest reduction in incidences of
   32  firefighters being exposed to hazardous post-fire contaminants.
   33         (3)The State Fire Marshal shall adopt rules and procedures
   34  for the program, including for the approval of applications and
   35  development of need-based criteria. This criteria shall include,
   36  but are not limited to, the decontamination equipment and supply
   37  needs of the fire department, the financial needs of the fire
   38  department, and the level of nonstate matching funds proposed in
   39  the application. Grant applications must include a minimum of 25
   40  percent nonstate funding.
   41         (4)Grant recipients must:
   42         (a)Report their activity to the division for submission in
   43  the Fire and Emergency Incident Information Reporting System
   44  created under s. 633.136.
   45         (b)Comply with the Florida Firefighters Occupational
   46  Safety and Health Act, ss. 633.502-633.536.
   47         (c)Comply with any other rule determined by the State Fire
   48  Marshal to effectively and efficiently implement, administer,
   49  and manage the program.
   50         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2020.