CS for CS for SB 1394                            First Engrossed
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to fees; amending s. 569.003, F.S.;
    3         requiring all applications for retail tobacco products
    4         dealer permits to be accompanied by an annual permit
    5         fee; providing a contingent effective date.
    7  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
    9         Section 1. Paragraphs (b) and (c) of subsection (1) of
   10  section 569.003, Florida Statutes, as amended by SB 810 or
   11  similar legislation, 2020 Regular Session, are amended to read:
   12         569.003 Retail tobacco products dealer permits;
   13  application; qualifications; fees; renewal; duplicates.—
   14         (1)
   15         (b) Application for a permit must be made on a form
   16  furnished by the division and must set forth the name under
   17  which the applicant transacts or intends to transact business,
   18  the address of the location of the applicant’s place of business
   19  within the state, and any other information the division
   20  requires. If the applicant has or intends to have more than one
   21  place of business dealing in tobacco products within this state,
   22  a separate application must be made for each place of business.
   23  If the applicant is a firm or an association, the application
   24  must set forth the names and addresses of the persons
   25  constituting the firm or association; if the applicant is a
   26  corporation, the application must set forth the names and
   27  addresses of the principal officers of the corporation. The
   28  application must also set forth any other information prescribed
   29  by the division for the purpose of identifying the applicant
   30  firm, association, or corporation. The application must be
   31  signed and verified by oath or affirmation by the owner, if a
   32  sole proprietor, or, if the owner is a firm, association, or
   33  partnership, by the members or partners thereof, or, if the
   34  owner is a corporation, by an executive officer of the
   35  corporation or by any person authorized by the corporation to
   36  sign the application, together with the written evidence of this
   37  authority. The application for a permit to deal, at retail, in
   38  tobacco products described in s. 569.002(7)(a) must be
   39  accompanied by the annual permit fee prescribed by the division.
   40         (c) Permits shall be issued annually. The division shall
   41  fix the fee for a permit to deal, at retail, in tobacco products
   42  described in s. 569.002(7)(a), in an amount sufficient to meet
   43  the costs incurred by it in carrying out its permitting,
   44  enforcement, and administrative responsibilities under this
   45  chapter, but the fee may not exceed $50. The proceeds of the fee
   46  shall be deposited into the Alcoholic Beverage and Tobacco Trust
   47  Fund.
   48         Section 2. This act shall take effect on the same date that
   49  SB 810 or similar legislation takes effect, if such legislation
   50  is adopted in the same legislative session or an extension
   51  thereof and becomes a law.