Florida Senate - 2020                     (NP)    CS for SR 1572
       By the Committee on Infrastructure and Security; and Senator
       596-02655-20                                          20201572c1
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution expressing the Legislature’s support for
    3         the adoption of policies that will prepare Florida for
    4         the environmental and economic impact of climate
    5         change, sea-level rise, and flooding, and recognizing
    6         the important role that resiliency and infrastructure
    7         will play in fortifying this state.
    9         WHEREAS, the State of Florida has 1,350 miles of low
   10  elevation coastline, and 75 percent of this state’s population
   11  are living in coastal counties that generate a significant
   12  portion of this state’s economic output, and
   13         WHEREAS, the residents and the economy of this state, and
   14  the State of Florida itself, would benefit from the development
   15  of an established estimated consensus projection of anticipated
   16  sea-level rise and flooding impacts to these communities in
   17  developing future projects, plans, and programs, and
   18         WHEREAS, clean and renewable energy is a tool that combats
   19  climate change, and the provision of adequate electric vehicle
   20  charging stations along our main transportation infrastructure
   21  will make a cleaner fuel source more readily available and
   22  reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and
   23         WHEREAS, appropriate infrastructure will continue to
   24  fortify and protect this state, NOW, THEREFORE,
   26  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   28         That the Legislature intends to adopt policies focusing on
   29  resiliency efforts and appropriate infrastructure which prepare
   30  Florida for the environmental and economic impact of climate
   31  change, sea-level rise, and flooding and policies relating to
   32  clean and renewable energy, including the provision of adequate
   33  electric vehicle charging stations.