Florida Senate - 2020                        CS for CS for SB 78
       By the Committees on Appropriations; and Infrastructure and
       Security; and Senators Broxson and Wright
       576-04278A-20                                           202078c2
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to transportation-related facility
    3         designations; providing honorary designations of
    4         certain transportation facilities in specified
    5         counties; directing the Department of Transportation
    6         to erect suitable markers; providing an honorary
    7         designation of certain transportation facilities
    8         specified; directing the Department of Transportation
    9         to erect suitable markers and to examine the
   10         feasibility to rename the facilities specified;
   11         requiring a report by a date certain; providing an
   12         honorary designation of a facility in a specified
   13         county; directing the Department of Highway Safety and
   14         Motor Vehicles to erect suitable markers; amending
   15         chapter 2019-169, L.O.F.; correcting the location of
   16         an honorary designation; providing an effective date.
   18  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   20         Section 1. Transportation facility designations; Department
   21  of Transportation to erect suitable markers.—
   22         (1) The Pensacola Bay Bridge (bridge numbers 480-289 and
   23  480-290) on U.S. 98/S.R. 30 over the Pensacola Bay between 17th
   24  Avenue in Escambia County and Baybridge Drive in Santa Rosa
   25  County is designated as the “General Daniel ‘Chappie’ James,
   26  Jr., Bridge.”
   27         (2) Bloxham Cutoff Road/S.R. 267 between U.S. 98 in Wakulla
   28  County and S.R. 20 in Leon County is designated as “J.D. Turner
   29  Highway.”
   30         (3) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, bridge numbers
   31  880050, 880051, 880052, and 880053 on S.R. 510 between Wabasso
   32  and Wabasso Beach in Indian River County are designated as the
   33  “A.B. Michael Bridges.”
   34         (4) That portion of W. Kennedy Boulevard between Lois
   35  Avenue and Dale Mabry Highway in Hillsborough County is
   36  designated as “Master Police Officer Lois Marrero Memorial
   37  Highway.”
   38         (5) That portion of E. Laurel Street between N. Orange
   39  Avenue and N. Morgan Street in Hillsborough County is designated
   40  as Officer James Ronco Memorial Highway.”
   41         (6)Bridge number 930361 on S.R. A1A/Jack Nicklaus Drive in
   42  Palm Beach County is designated as “Gold Star Family Memorial
   43  Bridge, dedicated to Army Captain Joseph M. Berkson.”
   44         (7) That portion of S.R. 408/Spessard L. Holland East-West
   45  Expressway between S. Crystal Lake Drive and S. Semoran
   46  Boulevard in Orange County is designated as the Sergeant Tracy
   47  Vickers Memorial Expressway.”
   48         (8)That portion of S.R. 438 between Winters Landing Drive
   49  and Clarke Road in Orange County is designated as “Julius ‘July’
   50  Perry Memorial Highway.”
   51         (9)That portion of I-95 between the Florida state line in
   52  Nassau County and S.W. 32nd Road in Miami-Dade County is
   53  designated as “Purple Heart Memorial Highway.”
   54         (10)That portion of U.S. 98 between C.R. 386 and Pine
   55  Street in Gulf County is designated as “Willis V. Rowan Memorial
   56  Highway.”
   57         (11)That portion of U.S. 98 between Pine Street and C.R.
   58  382/Industrial Road in Gulf County is designated as the “John C.
   59  Gainous Memorial Highway.”
   60         (12) That portion of I-10 between U.S. 29/S.R. 95 and S.R.
   61  291 in Escambia County is designated as the “Deputy Donald Ray
   62  Cook Memorial Highway.”
   63         (13)That portion of I-95 between mile markers 105 and 110
   64  in Martin County is designated as the “Trooper Joseph Bullock
   65  Memorial Highway.
   66         (14)That portion of S.R. 281 between U.S. 90 and U.S. 98
   67  in Santa Rosa County is designated as the “Bart D. and John R.
   68  Broxson Parkway.”
   69         (15)That portion of U.S. 90/Beaver Street between Chaffee
   70  Road and U.S. 301 in Duval County is designated as the “John B.
   71  Coxwell Memorial Highway.”
   72         (16)That portion of U.S. 41/S.W. 8th Street between S.W.
   73  82nd Avenue and S.R. 973/87th Avenue in Miami-Dade County is
   74  designated as the “Manuel H. ‘Manny’ Piedra Memorial Highway.”
   75         (17)That portion of U.S. 441 between Deep Creek Bridge and
   76  C.R. 6 in Columbia County is designated as “Austin D. Gay
   77  Memorial Highway.”
   78         (18)That portion of I-10 between the Suwannee County line
   79  and mile marker 275 in Suwannee County is designated as “Wesley
   80  L. Silas Memorial Highway.”
   81         (19)That portion of U.S. 19 between Luther Wilson Road and
   82  the Econfina River Bridge in Taylor County is designated as
   83  “Joshua S. Montaad Memorial Highway.”
   84         (20)That portion of the S.R. 90/S.W. 8th Street between
   85  S.W. 12th Avenue and S.W. 14th Avenue in Miami-Dade County is
   86  designated as “Rosa Maria Plasencia Way.”
   87         (21)That portion of U.S. 129/S.R. 49 (31030000) between
   88  the Levy County line and the Suwannee County line in Gilchrist
   89  County is designated as the “Slaughter, Read, Ramirez, Lindsey
   90  Memorial Highway.”
   91         (22)That portion of the S.R. 223 (S.R. 200/U.S. 301 Truck
   92  Route) overpass bridge at S.R. 100 in Bradford County is
   93  designated as the “Archibald Johns Thomas Bridge.”
   94         (23)The Department of Transportation is directed to erect
   95  suitable markers designating the transportation facilities as
   96  described in this section.
   97         Section 2. Transportation facility designations; Harriet
   98  Tubman Highway designated; Department of Transportation to
   99  request conduct feasibility and impact study.—
  100         (1)That portion of South Dixie Highway/U.S. 1/S.R. 5
  101  between the Monroe County line and S.R. 9A/I-95 Northbound in
  102  Miami-Dade County is designated as “Harriet Tubman Highway/U.S.
  103  1/S.R. 5.
  104         (2)That portion of W. Dixie Highway/S.R. 909 between N.E.
  105  119th Street and N.E. 163rd Street in Miami-Dade County is
  106  designated as “Harriet Tubman Highway/State Road 909.
  107         (3)The Department of Transportation is directed to erect
  108  suitable markers designating such roads as “Harriet Tubman
  109  Highway.
  110         (4) The Department of Transportation is directed to examine
  111  the feasibility and impact to rename such roads as “Harriet
  112  Tubman Highway,” including the impact and method to change and
  113  update the E911 system, meet any United States Postal Service
  114  requirements, and the financial impact to businesses and
  115  residents. The department must provide a report of its findings
  116  to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of
  117  Representatives by October 1, 2020.
  118         Section 3. Trooper Joseph Bullock Building designated;
  119  Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to erect
  120  suitable markers.—
  121         (1)The Florida Highway Patrol station located at 2929 N.
  122  25th Street in the City of Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County is
  123  designated as the “Trooper Joseph Bullock Building.”
  124         (2)The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is
  125  directed to erect suitable markers designating the Trooper
  126  Joseph Bullock Building as described in subsection (1).
  127         Section 4. Subsection (40) of section 21 of chapter 2019
  128  169, Laws of Florida, is amended to read:
  129         Section 21. Transportation facility designations;
  130  Department of Transportation to erect suitable markers.—
  131         (40) That portion of C.R. 435/Apopka Vineland Road between
  132  S.R. 91/Florida’s Turnpike and S.R. 535 between S.R. 526 in
  133  Orange County, and that portion of S.R. 535 between Apopka
  134  Vineland Road and the Orange Osceola County line, are is
  135  designated as “Robert L. ‘Bob’ Billingslea Highway.”
  136         Section 5. This act shall take effect July 1, 2020.