Florida Senate - 2021                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 100
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  03/18/2021           .                                

       The Committee on Appropriations (Harrell) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 316 - 434
    4  and insert:
    5  signalized intersection for through traffic. Such improvements
    6  must be made with the goal of enhancing the economic prosperity
    7  and preserving the character of the communities impacted by such
    8  improvements.
    9         (a) The department may not reduce any nontolled general use
   10  lanes of an existing facility.
   11         (b) The department shall maintain existing access points to
   12  the roadway provided by designated streets, graded roads, or
   13  driveways.
   14         (c) Upon application or as otherwise agreed to by the
   15  department, after construction is completed, property owners
   16  with parcels of land having no existing access shall have the
   17  right to one access point, and property owners having more than
   18  1 mile of roadway frontage shall be allowed one access point for
   19  each mile owned.
   20         (d) Any tolling points must be located such that a
   21  nontolled alternative exists for local traffic.
   22         (4) Any tolled facilities are approved turnpike projects
   23  that are part of the turnpike system. A controlled-access
   24  portion of a roadway constructed pursuant to this section is
   25  considered a Strategic Intermodal System facility.
   26         (5)Any existing applicable requirements relating to
   27  department projects shall apply to projects undertaken by the
   28  department pursuant to this section. The department shall take
   29  into consideration the guidance and recommendations of any
   30  previous studies or reports relevant to the projects authorized
   31  in this section.
   32         (6)Any existing applicable requirements relating to
   33  turnpike projects shall apply to projects undertaken by the
   34  Turnpike Enterprise pursuant to this section. The Turnpike
   35  Enterprise shall take into consideration the guidance and
   36  recommendations of any previous studies or reports relevant to
   37  the projects authorized in this section.
   38         (7) The department shall consider innovative concepts to
   39  combine right-of-way acquisition with the acquisition of lands
   40  or easements to facilitate environmental mitigation or
   41  ecosystem, wildlife habitat, or water quality protection or
   42  restoration.
   43         (8)(a) Decisions on matters such as configuration, project
   44  alignment, and interchange locations must be determined in
   45  accordance with applicable department rules, policies, and
   46  procedures.
   47         (b) To the greatest extent practicable, roadway alignments,
   48  project alignment, and interchange locations shall be designed
   49  so that project rights-of-way are not located within
   50  conservation lands acquired under the Florida Preservation 2000
   51  Act established in s. 259.101 and the Florida Forever Act
   52  established in s. 259.105.
   53         (9) Subject to applicability of existing requirements as
   54  provided in subsections (5) and (6), projects may be funded
   55  through turnpike revenue bonds or right-of-way acquisition and
   56  bridge construction bonds or financing by the Florida Department
   57  of Transportation Financing Corporation; by advances from the
   58  State Transportation Trust Fund; with funds obtained through the
   59  creation of public-private partnerships; or any combination
   60  thereof. The department also may accept donations of land for
   61  use as transportation rights-of-way or to secure or use
   62  transportation rights-of-way for such projects in accordance
   63  with s. 337.2505. To the extent legally available, any toll
   64  revenues from the turnpike system not required for payment of
   65  principal, interest, reserves, or other required deposits for
   66  bonds; costs of operations and maintenance; other contractual
   67  obligations; or system improvement project costs must be used to
   68  repay advances received from the State Transportation Trust
   69  Fund.
   70         (10) Project construction is not eligible for funding until
   71  completion of 30 percent of the design phase, except for
   72  projects that are under construction or for which project
   73  alignment has been determined.
   74         (11)In accordance with ss. 337.276, 338.227, and 339.0809,
   75  the Division of Bond Finance may issue, on behalf of the
   76  department, right-of-way acquisition and bridge construction
   77  bonds, turnpike revenue bonds, and Florida Department of
   78  Transportation Financing Corporation bonds to finance projects
   79  as provided in the State Bond Act.
   80         Section 10. Section 339.67, Florida Statutes, is created to
   81  read:
   82         339.67 U.S. 19 controlled access facilities.—The department
   83  shall develop and include in the work program the construction
   84  of controlled access facilities as necessary to achieve free
   85  flow of traffic on U.S. 19, beginning at the terminus of the
   86  Suncoast Parkway 2 Phase 3, north predominantly along U.S. 19 to
   87  a logical terminus on Interstate 10 in Madison County. This
   88  Strategic Intermodal System facility shall be developed using
   89  existing roadway, or portions thereof, to ensure the free flow
   90  of traffic along the roadway by improvements such as limited
   91  access alignments to manage congestion points and retrofitting
   92  existing roadway with a series of grade separations that provide
   93  an alternative to a signalized intersection for through traffic.
   94  To the maximum extent feasible, the facilities shall be
   95  developed no later than December 31, 2035.
   96         Section 11. Section 339.68, Florida Statutes, is created to
   97  read:
   98         339.68Arterial rural highway projects.—The department
   99  shall identify and include in the work program projects to
  100  increase capacity by widening existing two-lane arterial rural
  101  roads to four lanes. To be included in a work program project,
  102  the road must be classified as an arterial rural road, and truck
  103  traffic using the road must amount to at least 15 percent of all
  104  such traffic, as determined by the department. The department
  105  shall fund at least $20 million annually for such projects.
  106         Section 12. The Legislature finds that the extension of the
  107  Florida Turnpike from its northerly terminus in Wildwood to a
  108  logical and appropriate terminus as determined by the Department
  109  of Transportation is in the strategic interest of the state. The
  110  department shall commence the project development and
  111  environmental phase of the extension and shall consider project
  112  configuration, alignment, cost, and schedule. The department
  113  shall prepare a report summarizing the status of the project
  114  development and
  116  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  117  And the title is amended as follows:
  118         Delete lines 51 - 54
  119  and insert:
  120         providing for applicability of certain requirements;
  121         requiring the department and Turnpike Enterprise to
  122         take into consideration guidance and recommendations
  123         of certain studies and reports; requiring certain