Florida Senate - 2021                            (NP)    SR 1842
       By Senator Farmer
       34-00827-21                                           20211842__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing the extraordinary leadership
    3         of Pio Ieraci in representing the interests of the
    4         Galt Mile Community Association before local and state
    5         government officials and remembering his role as a
    6         community activist and as a loyal friend and loving
    7         son, husband, and father.
    9         WHEREAS, born in Canada, Pio Ieraci moved to Florida more
   10  than 30 years ago, becoming a successful businessman and family
   11  man and effectively serving as a diplomat and village shaman for
   12  the Galt Mile community in Ft. Lauderdale, and
   13         WHEREAS, in 1993, Pio Ieraci founded International Property
   14  Investments Corporation, which, due to his drive and
   15  perseverance, became a highly successful enterprise, leading to
   16  his appointment to the City of Fort Lauderdale Education
   17  Advisory Board and stints as chairman of South Florida Business
   18  Advisors, Inc., and the Broward Beach Coalition, and
   19         WHEREAS, at only 58 years of age, Pio Ieraci had served for
   20  more than 20 years as president of the Galt Mile Community
   21  Association, representing the interests of 16,000 residents in
   22  30 ocean-front condominiums, and
   23         WHEREAS, Pio Ieraci is remembered as a force of nature in
   24  advocating for the safety and well-being of those residents and
   25  as a strong proponent of beach renourishment, and
   26         WHEREAS, Pio Ieraci was health conscious and fit, known for
   27  exercising and eating right, and seemed an unlikely candidate
   28  for serious health issues, and
   29         WHEREAS, COVID-19 is a relentless killer virus that can
   30  overwhelm even the healthiest among us, and on December 20,
   31  2020, it claimed the life of Pio Ieraci, who had spent 14 days
   32  on a ventilator, and
   33         WHEREAS, Pio Ieraci would have turned 59 years of age on
   34  January 10, 2021, and
   35         WHEREAS, Pio Ieraci leaves behind his wife of 35 years,
   36  Lisa; his mother, Marcy; and two children, Daniel and Alessia,
   39  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   41         That the Florida Senate remembers the extraordinary life of
   42  Pio Ieraci and extends its deepest sympathies to all who loved
   43  him.