Florida Senate - 2021                            (NP)    SR 2030
       By Senator Wright
       14-02926-21                                           20212030__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution thanking the men and women of the Florida
    3         National Guard for their service and recognizing March
    4         23, 2021, as “Florida National Guard Day” in Florida.
    6         WHEREAS, as the military arm of the Governor and the people
    7  of the State of Florida, the Florida National Guard stands ready
    8  in times of crisis or emergency to immediately respond to a call
    9  from the Governor, and
   10         WHEREAS, the Florida National Guard traces its lineage back
   11  456 years to 1565 when the first muster of a civilian militia
   12  took place in St. Augustine, making Florida’s militia the oldest
   13  in the nation, and
   14         WHEREAS, today’s Florida National Guard stands strong with
   15  approximately 12,000 members, and
   16         WHEREAS, the men and women of the Florida National Guard
   17  and their families willingly make sacrifices when pandemics,
   18  hurricanes, fires, floods, and other natural disasters occur,
   19  serving domestically and around the world in contingency
   20  operations, and
   21         WHEREAS, without reservation, more than 22,000 men and
   22  women of the Florida National Guard have answered the call to
   23  federal active duty in the years since the September 11, 2001,
   24  attack on our nation, serving with distinction and honor during
   25  Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation
   26  New Dawn, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Freedom’s Sentinel,
   27  Operation Inherent Resolve, and Operation Observant Compass,
   28  which have taken them far from their families and friends as
   29  they ensure that we are safe at home, and
   30         WHEREAS, the employers of the men and women of the Florida
   31  National Guard have made significant sacrifices in the conduct
   32  of their businesses during the deployment of servicemembers,
   33  ensuring that jobs await them when they return home from their
   34  service, and
   35         WHEREAS, the men and women of the Florida National Guard
   36  engage in hundreds of community service projects across the
   37  state while preparing for their federal duty, protecting the
   38  residents of this state during times of crisis or emergency, and
   39  contributing to local programs that add to the quality of life
   40  in the United States and in this state, NOW, THEREFORE,
   42  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   44         That the men and women of the Florida National Guard are
   45  thanked for their service and that March 23, 2021, is recognized
   46  as “Florida National Guard Day” in Florida.