Florida Senate - 2021                            (NP)    SR 2078
       By Senator Farmer
       34-04866-21                                           20212078__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution celebrating the legacy of strength and
    3         kindness of Janet Frohlich Lizbeth Mabry and her
    4         contribution to the Florida legislative process.
    6         WHEREAS, on May 19, 1953, Janet Frohlich Lizbeth Mabry was
    7  born in Swampscott, Massachusetts, and
    8         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry was raised in Treasure Island, where
    9  she spent most of her childhood boating, swimming, and searching
   10  for sand dollars in the Florida sunshine, and
   11         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry graduated from Boca Ciega High School,
   12  and went on to receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees in
   13  political science from Florida State University and Northern
   14  Arizona University, respectively, and
   15         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry spent her early career working for
   16  Pasco County before serving as a legislative aide to State
   17  Representative Ron Richmond and later ran for the Florida House
   18  of Representatives, and
   19         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry found her passion as an independent
   20  lobbyist in this state, and embodied all of the positive
   21  attributes of a great lobbyist: a tireless work ethic, knowledge
   22  of the legislative process, and the ability to build strong
   23  relationships with the members, most notably Senate President
   24  Jim King and Senator Dennis Jones, with whom she became very
   25  close, and
   26         WHEREAS, over the span of her career Janet Mabry influenced
   27  legislation in areas of child care, mobile homes, massage
   28  therapy, consumer protection, access to the courts, women’s
   29  rights, and sex trafficking, and
   30         WHEREAS, in 2018, Janet Mabry was diagnosed with breast
   31  cancer while undergoing a series of tests to become a kidney
   32  donor for her husband, and, after undergoing initially
   33  successful treatment, her cancer returned in 2019, and
   34         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry passed from this world and into the
   35  gates of heaven on November 2, 2020, at age 67, and
   36         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry will be remembered as a trusted friend
   37  and confidant who never shied away from voicing her opinion, for
   38  her ability to fight hard on an issue but still enjoy a cocktail
   39  with the person on the other side of the debate at the end of
   40  the day, and for her love of the legislative process and the
   41  challenges it presented, and
   42         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry was known for her infinite wisdom,
   43  electric blue eyes, infectious laugh, and love of nature, and
   44  enjoyed coffee on her front porch with her daughters, watching
   45  butterflies, and scooping for sea creatures in the Gulf of
   46  Mexico, and
   47         WHEREAS, Janet Mabry will be lovingly remembered by her
   48  husband of 44 years, Michael Mabry; her daughters, Mykel
   49  Robinson and Lizbeth Mabry; her grandsons, Jackson and Asher
   50  Robinson; her brothers, Michael Amendola, William “Cort”
   51  Frohlich, and Richard “Kipp” Frohlich; and many nieces and
   52  nephews, NOW, THEREFORE,
   55  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   57         That we celebrate the legacy of strength and kindness of
   58  Janet Frohlich Lizbeth Mabry and her contribution to the Florida
   59  legislative process.