Florida Senate - 2021                                Committee       Amendment
SPB2500                                                  AP              38

The Committee on Appropriations (Bean) recommended the following 

Section: 18              EXPLANATION:

On Page: 406             Inserts language in the back of the bill authorizing 
                         Florida State University to construct fixed capital 
Spec App:                outlay projects from non-state appropriations.

NET IMPACT ON:            Total Funds       General Revenue          Trust Funds
    Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 
Non-Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 

                                               Positions & Amount   Positions & Amount
                                                     DELETE         INSERT

        EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF  48000000

        In Section 18  On Page 406

In Section 18, on Page 406, INSERT the following:

SECTION  18. Pursuant  to  section 1010.62 and section 1013.171, Florida
Statutes,  and  section  11(d)  and  (f),  Article  VII  of  the Florida
Constitution,  the  following  fixed  capital  outlay  projects  may  be
constructed, acquired, and financed by a university or university direct
support  organization. Financing mechanisms include any form of approved
debt or bonds authorized by the Board of Governors.

No  state appropriation of funds will be associated with these projects.
The Legislature has provided the Board of Governors general authority to
consider  debt  financing for most classes of projects. However, certain
athletic   and   commercial   facilities  require  specific  Legislative
authorization   as   a   prerequisite   condition  for  these  projects.
Legislative authorization does not supersede any of the requirements for
Board  of  Governors  review and approval of all projects to be financed
from  debt,  unless  the  project  as proposed meets an exception in the
Board of Governors Debt Management Guidelines.

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Florida State University - 535 W. College Avenue - Administrative and 

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