Florida Senate - 2021                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 362
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       The Committee on Health Policy (Harrell) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment 
    3         Delete lines 41 - 68
    4  and insert:
    5         (b) Voting members of the panel shall include the following
    6  individuals appointed in the following manner:
    7         1.Three 3 at-large members, and three 3 alternate at-large
    8  members, each with different program affiliations, including one
    9  1 cardiologist who is board-certified board certified in caring
   10  for adults with congenital heart disease and two 2 board
   11  certified pediatric cardiologists, none neither of whom may be
   12  employed by any of the hospitals specified in subparagraph 2.
   13  subparagraphs 1.-10. or their affiliates of those hospitals, and
   14  each of whom is appointed by the Secretary of Health Care
   15  Administration.
   16         2.One member, and 10 members, and one an alternate for
   17  each member, from each of the following hospitals, each of whom
   18  is a pediatric cardiologist or a pediatric cardiovascular
   19  surgeon, each appointed by the chief executive officer of their
   20  respective hospital the following hospitals:
   21         a.1. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St.
   22  Petersburg.
   23         b.2. Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando.
   24         c.3. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood.
   25         d.4. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.
   26         e.5. St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa.
   27         f.6. University of Florida Health Shands Hospital in
   28  Gainesville.
   29         g.7. University of Miami Holtz Children’s Hospital in
   30  Miami.
   31         h.8. Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville.
   32         i.9. Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando.
   33         j.10. Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando.
   34         3. For each member and corresponding alternate member
   35  appointed under subparagraph 2., one must be a pediatric
   36  cardiologist and the other must be a pediatric cardiovascular
   37  surgeon. Appointments made under subparagraph 2. subparagraphs
   38  1.-10. are contingent upon the hospital’s compliance with this
   39  section and rules adopted thereunder, as determined by the
   40  Secretary of Health Care Administration. A member appointed
   41  under subparagraph 2. subparagraphs 1.-10.