Florida Senate - 2021              PROPOSED COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE
       Bill No. SB 862
       Proposed Committee Substitute by the Committee on Appropriations
       (Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and
       Economic Development)
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to the Digital License Plate Pilot
    3         Program; amending s. 320.06, F.S.; deleting provisions
    4         relating to the authority of the Department of Highway
    5         Safety and Motor Vehicles to conduct a pilot program
    6         to evaluate the designs, concepts, and technologies
    7         for alternative license plates; amending s. 320.07,
    8         F.S.; exempting owners of digital license plates from
    9         certain penalties; creating s. 320.08069, F.S.;
   10         creating the Digital License Plate Pilot Program
   11         within the department; providing the purpose of the
   12         program; defining terms; providing applicability;
   13         requiring the department to begin administering the
   14         program on a specified date; authorizing the
   15         department to contract with digital license plate
   16         providers; providing additional authorizations to the
   17         department relating to the pilot program; providing
   18         for the distribution of fees from the sale of digital
   19         license plates; specifying requirements for digital
   20         license plates and for digital license plate
   21         providers; providing requirements for consumers of
   22         digital license plates; authorizing the department to
   23         adopt rules; providing an effective date.
   25  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   27         Section 1. Subsection (5) of section 320.06, Florida
   28  Statutes, is amended to read:
   29         320.06 Registration certificates, license plates, and
   30  validation stickers generally.—
   31         (5) The department may conduct a pilot program to evaluate
   32  the designs, concepts, and technologies for alternative license
   33  plates. For purposes of the pilot program, the department shall
   34  investigate the feasibility and use of alternative license plate
   35  technologies and the long-term cost impact to the consumer. The
   36  pilot program shall be limited to license plates that are used
   37  on government-owned motor vehicles as described in s. 320.0655.
   38  Such license plates are exempt from the requirements in
   39  paragraph (3)(a).
   40         Section 2. Subsection (7) is added to section 320.07,
   41  Florida Statutes, to read:
   42         320.07 Expiration of registration; renewal required;
   43  penalties.—
   44         (7)An owner of a digital license plate as described in s.
   45  320.08069 is not subject to the penalties of this section for
   46  failure to display a validation if the vehicle was operated in
   47  compliance with this chapter and any rules adopted by the
   48  department governing the placement of digital license plates and
   49  registration renewal.
   50         Section 3. Section 320.08069, Florida Statutes, is created
   51  to read:
   52         320.08069Digital License Plate Pilot Program.—There is
   53  created within the department the Digital License Plate Pilot
   54  Program. The purpose of the program is to evaluate the design,
   55  concepts, and technologies available for digital license plates
   56  and to determine the feasibility of digital license plates.
   57         (1)DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section, the term:
   58         (a)“Digital license plate” means an electronic display
   59  that is designed to:
   60         1.Display the information required in this chapter to be
   61  included on a physical license plate; and
   62         2.Be placed on a motor vehicle registered under this
   63  chapter in lieu of a physical license plate.
   64         (b)“Digital license plate provider” means a person or an
   65  entity engaged in the business of providing digital license
   66  plate hardware and services to motor vehicle owners.
   67         (2)APPLICABILITY.—Except as otherwise provided by this
   68  section or a rule adopted under this section, a digital license
   69  plate issued under this section is subject to the laws of this
   70  state applicable to a physical license plate; however, digital
   71  license plates issued under this section are exempt from s.
   72  320.06(3)(a).
   74         (a)Beginning July 1, 2021, the department shall administer
   75  the program. The program must be limited to installation and use
   76  of digital license plates on government-owned motor vehicles as
   77  described in s. 320.0655.
   78         (b)By July 1, 2022, the department shall allow any motor
   79  vehicle registered under this chapter to be equipped with a
   80  digital license plate in lieu of a physical license plate issued
   81  under s. 320.06. However, the purchaser of a digital license
   82  plate must first obtain a physical license plate from the
   83  department before obtaining a digital license plate from a
   84  digital license plate provider.
   85         (c)The department may contract with one or more digital
   86  license plate providers for the issuance of digital license
   87  plates, including any services related to the issuance of
   88  digital license plates. The contract shall include provisions
   89  governing the protection of personal and motor vehicle
   90  registration data obtained by a digital license plate provider
   91  in the performance of its services.
   92         (d)The department may authorize the display of the motor
   93  vehicle’s validation on each digital license plate in lieu of
   94  the validation sticker. The validation must display the owner’s
   95  birth month, the license plate number, and the year of
   96  expiration or appropriate renewal period if the owner is not a
   97  natural person. The validation must be displayed in the upper
   98  right corner of the digital license plate.
   99         (e)The department may authorize the use of a digital
  100  license plate for electronic toll collection, if such use has
  101  been approved by the Department of Transportation or other
  102  appropriate tolling authority, or to display a parking permit.
  103         (f)The department may establish procedures for displaying
  104  the following information on a digital license plate:
  105         1.An emergency alert or other public safety alert issued
  106  by a governmental entity, including an alert pursuant to s.
  107  937.021;
  108         2.Static logo displays, including unique displays for
  109  fleet license plates, digital versions of specialty license
  110  plates as described in s. 320.08058, and special license plates
  111  for military service authorized in s. 320.089, and for the
  112  Governor and federal and state legislators as authorized in s.
  113  320.0807; and
  114         3.Other displays that the department, in consultation with
  115  law enforcement agencies, determines are in the interest of
  116  public safety.
  117         (4)DIGITAL LICENSE PLATE REQUIREMENTS.—A digital license
  118  plate issued under this section must:
  119         (a)Meet the specifications and requirements adopted under
  120  subsection (3);
  121         (b)Include the same information required to be included on
  122  a physical license plate and legibly display that information at
  123  all times and in all light conditions; and
  124         (c)Have wireless connectivity capability.
  125         (5)DIGITAL LICENSE PLATE PROVIDERS.—A digital license
  126  plate provider with whom the department contracts shall:
  127         (a)Maintain an inventory of digital license plates issued
  128  in this state by the digital license plate provider;
  129         (b)Make available a digital version of each specialty
  130  license plate authorized by the department; and
  131         (c)If a digital license plate displays a validation,
  132  promptly update the display of the validation to reflect the
  133  current registration period for the motor vehicle and, upon
  134  request of the department, suspend the display of the validation
  135  or indicate on the digital license plate that the registration
  136  for the motor vehicle has expired.
  137         (6)DIGITAL LICENSE PLATE CONSUMERS.A consumer who chooses
  138  to purchase a digital license plate must purchase a digital
  139  license plate directly from a digital license plate provider. In
  140  addition to any fees associated with the purchase of a digital
  141  license plate, the consumer is also responsible for paying to
  142  the department all applicable motor vehicle fees in this
  143  chapter, including any annual use fees pursuant to s. 320.08056
  144  associated with any specialty license plate the consumer wishes
  145  to display on the digital license plate.
  146         (7)RULEMAKING.—The department may adopt rules to implement
  147  this section.
  148         Section 4. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.