Florida Senate - 2022                                    SB 1010
       By Senator Gibson
       6-01094-22                                            20221010__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to uterine fibroid research and
    3         education; creating s. 381.9312, F.S.; providing
    4         definitions; requiring the Department of Health to
    5         develop and maintain an electronic database of
    6         information related to uterine fibroids; providing a
    7         specified purpose for such database; requiring that
    8         the database include specified information; requiring
    9         health care providers to submit certain information to
   10         the department for inclusion in the database;
   11         prohibiting the database from including any personal
   12         identifying information; providing that such
   13         information is confidential; authorizing certain
   14         persons to use such information for a specified
   15         purpose; requiring the department, in consultation
   16         with the Florida Medical Association, to develop and
   17         disseminate certain information to educate health care
   18         providers and conduct a public awareness campaign;
   19         providing an effective date.
   21  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   23         Section 1. Section 381.9312, Florida Statutes, is created
   24  to read:
   25         381.9312Uterine fibroid research database; education and
   26  public awareness.—
   27         (1)DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section, the term:
   28         (a)“Department” means the Department of Health.
   29         (b)“Health care provider” means a physician licensed under
   30  chapter 458 or an advanced practice registered nurse registered
   31  under s. 464.0123.
   32         (c)“Uterine fibroid” means a noncancerous growth of the
   33  uterus that often appears during a woman’s childbearing years.
   35         (a)The department shall develop and maintain an electronic
   36  database consisting of information related to uterine fibroids.
   37  The purpose of the database is to encourage research relating to
   38  the diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids and ensure that
   39  women are provided with the relevant information and health care
   40  necessary to prevent and treat uterine fibroids. The database
   41  must include, but need not be limited to, all of the following
   42  information:
   43         1.Incidence and prevalence of women diagnosed with uterine
   44  fibroids in the state.
   45         2.Demographic attributes of women diagnosed with uterine
   46  fibroids in the state.
   47         3.Treatments and procedures for uterine fibroids used by
   48  health care providers in the state.
   49         (b)A health care provider who diagnoses or treats a woman
   50  with uterine fibroids shall submit information relating to such
   51  diagnosis or treatment to the department in a form and manner
   52  prescribed by department rule for inclusion in the database.
   53  Such information may be submitted along with any reports or
   54  other information that the health care provider is required to
   55  submit to the department pursuant to state law.
   56         (c)The database may not include any personal identifying
   57  information of women diagnosed with or treated for uterine
   58  fibroids. Such information is confidential and may be used only
   59  by employees or agents of the department for the purpose of
   60  conducting uterine fibroid research.
   62  AWARENESS.—The department, in consultation with the Florida
   63  Medical Association, shall develop and disseminate information
   64  related to uterine fibroids to educate health care providers and
   65  conduct a campaign to increase public awareness of uterine
   66  fibroids which must include, but need not be limited to, all of
   67  the following:
   68         (a)Possible risk factors for developing uterine fibroids,
   69  including, but not limited to, the races or ethnicities of women
   70  who have a statistically elevated risk of developing uterine
   71  fibroids.
   72         (b)Range of available treatment options for uterine
   73  fibroids, including, but not limited to, treatments and
   74  procedures that are considered alternatives to hysterectomy.
   75         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2022.