Florida Senate - 2022                            (NP)    SR 1206
       By Senator Rodriguez
       39-01240-22                                           20221206__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing the week of May 1, 2022, as
    3         “Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week” in Florida.
    5         WHEREAS, many people who have a serious, chronic mental
    6  illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or severe
    7  depression, or who have a gastrointestinal disorder like
    8  gastroparesis or symptoms like nausea and vomiting, require
    9  treatment with medications that work as dopamine receptor
   10  blocking agents (DRBAs), including antipsychotics, and
   11         WHEREAS, while ongoing treatment with these medications can
   12  be very helpful, and even lifesaving, it can also lead those
   13  undergoing treatment to experience tardive dyskinesia (TD), and
   14         WHEREAS, TD is a movement disorder characterized by random,
   15  involuntary, and uncontrolled movements of different muscles in
   16  the face, trunk, and extremities, and
   17         WHEREAS, TD can develop months, years, or decades after a
   18  person starts taking DRBAs, even after he or she has
   19  discontinued use of those medications, and is often permanent,
   20  and
   21         WHEREAS, it is estimated that more than 600,000 Americans
   22  suffer from TD, and the National Alliance for Mental Illness
   23  reports that one in every four patients receiving long-term
   24  treatment with an antipsychotic medication will experience TD,
   25  and
   26         WHEREAS, TD research has resulted in recent scientific
   27  breakthroughs, including two new treatments approved by the
   28  United States Food and Drug Administration, and
   29         WHEREAS, TD is often unrecognized, and patients suffering
   30  from the illness are commonly misdiagnosed, leading the American
   31  Psychiatric Association to recommend heightened awareness of and
   32  regular screening for TD in patients taking DRBAs, NOW,
   35  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   37         That the week of May 1, 2022, is recognized as “Tardive
   38  Dyskinesia Awareness Week” in Florida.