Florida Senate - 2023                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 958
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  03/22/2023           .                                

       The Committee on Education Postsecondary (Perry) recommended the
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 83 - 169
    4  and insert:
    5         1001.93Offices of Public Policy Events within the State
    6  University System.—
    7         (1)The Legislature finds that the advancement of knowledge
    8  is the fundamental purpose of the State University System and
    9  that such advancement is facilitated by the fearless sifting and
   10  winnowing of a wide diversity of views and that the open
   11  discussion and debate of contested public policy issues from
   12  diverse perspectives provides essential preparation for mature
   13  citizenship and an informed exercise of the right to vote.
   14         (2)For purposes of this section, the term:
   15         (a)“Debate” means an event at which two or more
   16  participants speak in favor of opposing approaches to the same
   17  public policy dispute, after which each participant is allotted
   18  time to address and rebut the position presented by the opposing
   19  speakers.
   20         (b)“Group forum” means an event at which two or more
   21  speakers address a public policy dispute from divergent or
   22  opposing perspectives, after which each participant is allotted
   23  time to address questions from the audience and to comment on
   24  the other speakers’ positions.
   25         (3)The Board of Governors of the State University System
   26  shall establish a Committee on Public Policy Events. Each state
   27  university within the State University System shall establish an
   28  Office of Public Policy Events and shall appoint a Director of
   29  Public Policy Events who is responsible for the duties and
   30  reporting responsibilities of the office. The office shall, at a
   31  minimum:
   32         (a)1.Organize, publicize, and stage debates, group forums,
   33  or individual lectures at the state university. These events
   34  must address, from multiple, divergent, and opposing
   35  perspectives, an extensive range of public policy issues widely
   36  discussed and debated in society at large. The university shall
   37  hold no less than four events each academic year. At least two
   38  events must occur during the fall semester and at least two
   39  events must occur during the spring semester.
   40         2.Such debates, group forums, and individual lectures must
   41  include speakers who represent widely held views on opposing
   42  sides of the most widely discussed public policy issues of the
   43  day and who hold a wide diversity of perspectives from within
   44  and outside of the state university community.
   45         3.If the office is unable to readily find an advocate from
   46  within the state university community who is well-versed in a
   47  perspective, the office must invite a speaker who is able to
   48  represent such perspective. The office shall, when necessary,
   49  provide such speakers who are not from within the state
   50  university community with per diem and reimburse them for travel
   51  expenses.
   52         (b)°Maintain a permanent, publicly accessible, searchable,
   53  and up-to-date calendar in print, on the office’s website, and
   54  on the state university’s website listing all of the events
   55  sponsored by the office and all other debates, group forums, and
   56  individual lectures open to the entire campus community at the
   57  state university which address public policy issues. The
   58  calendar must itemize the title of the event or lecture, the
   59  name and institutional affiliation of all speakers, and the
   60  office, institute, department, program, or organization that
   61  sponsored the event, excluding those events sponsored by off
   62  campus groups in rented state university facilities. Such
   63  calendars must be kept in the library system of each state
   64  university.
   65         (c)Beginning September 1, 2024, and annually each
   66  September 1 thereafter, provide to the Board of Governors
   67  Committee on Public Policy Events a report detailing the
   68  following: the number of debates, group forums, and individual
   69  lectures; in chronological order, the calendars itemizing the
   70  title of each event or lecture, name and institutional
   71  affiliation of the speaker or speakers, and the office,
   72  institute, department, program, or organization that sponsored
   73  the event; the number of enrolled students attending each event;
   74  and expenditure information relating to any per diem or
   75  reimbursement for travel expenses. The report must reflect prior
   76  academic year statistics.
   77         (d)Make publicly available, in an online format, a
   78  complete video record of every debate, group forum, and
   79  individual lecture organized by the office. The video recording
   80  for an event organized by the office must be posted on the
   81  office’s website within 10 business days after the event. Such
   82  video must remain publicly accessible on the office’s website
   83  for at least 5 years after the date of the event. Such videos
   84  must also be permanently preserved within, and made available to
   85  the public through, the library of the state university that
   86  hosted the event.
   87         (4)Upon approval of the board of trustees of the state
   88  university and the Board of Governors, a state university may
   89  assign the duties of the office to an existing administrative
   90  office within the state university in lieu of establishing a
   91  separate office.
   92         (5)Each office shall report directly to either the state
   93  university’s office that is responsible for compiling and
   94  reporting the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System’s
   95  graduation rate survey or the Office of General Counsel.
   96         (6)Each debate, group forum, and individual lecture
   97  organized by the office must be open to all students, faculty,
   98  and staff of the state university and must, unless restricting
   99  attendance to such event is necessary to achieve a compelling
  100  governmental interest, be open to the general public.
  102  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  103  And the title is amended as follows:
  104         Delete lines 10 - 21
  105  and insert:
  106         establish a Committee on Public Policy Events;
  107         requiring each state university to establish an Office
  108         of Public Policy Events; providing the duties of the
  109         offices, including requirements for specific events,
  110         recording of such events, maintaining calendars, and
  111         requirements for reporting; authorizing a state
  112         university to assign duties of the office to an
  113         existing administrative office upon the approval of
  114         specified entities; requiring offices to report to
  115         specified state university offices; amending s.
  116         1004.097, F.S.; prohibiting public