Florida Senate - 2024                            (NP)    SR 1814
       By Senator Rodriguez
       40-02688-24                                           20241814__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution expressing appreciation for the sister
    3         state relationship with and bilateral economic and
    4         cultural ties between the State of Florida and Taiwan.
    6         WHEREAS, April 10, 2024, marks the 45th anniversary of the
    7  enactment of the Taiwan Relations Act, which codified in law the
    8  basis for continued commercial and cultural relations between
    9  the people of the United States and the Taiwanese people, and
   10         WHEREAS, the successful conclusion of Taiwan’s most recent
   11  presidential election on January 13, 2024, reflects the
   12  Taiwanese people’s unwavering commitment to sustaining democracy
   13  in the shadow of a mighty adversary, a proud accomplishment that
   14  was recognized by the United States Department of State and
   15  members of both houses of the United States Congress, including
   16  House Speaker Mike Johnson, and
   17         WHEREAS, despite unprecedented electoral interference from
   18  China through military intimidation, economic coercion, and
   19  cognitive warfare prior to the presidential election, the people
   20  of Taiwan chose to demonstrate their will to safeguard the
   21  values of democracy and freedom by electing Lai Ching-te the
   22  next president and Hsiao Bi-khim the next vice president, a
   23  testament to Taiwan’s mature democracy, and
   24         WHEREAS, on January 25, 2024, President-elect Lai, who
   25  serves as Taiwan’s current vice president and will assume the
   26  presidency on May 20, 2024, met in Taipei with visiting leaders
   27  of the United States House of Representatives Taiwan Caucus,
   28  observing that democracy and freedom are core values that the
   29  two nations share, and
   30         WHEREAS, that meeting built upon the foundation of a March
   31  2023 visit to Florida by Vice President-elect Hsiao, during
   32  which she met with Governor Ron DeSantis, Secretary of State
   33  Cord Byrd, and state legislators in her then-capacity as a
   34  representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural
   35  Representative Office, which focused on the bilateral
   36  relationship between Taiwan and the State of Florida, and
   37         WHEREAS, since November 1, 2012, Taiwan has been a member
   38  of the United States Visa Waiver Program, which makes two-way
   39  travel for business and tourism more convenient, reflecting the
   40  cooperation between the United States and Taiwan, and
   41         WHEREAS, the launch of FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 on June 25,
   42  2019, a collaborative United States-Taiwan space mission to
   43  establish a constellation of six satellites designed to enhance
   44  the accuracy of atmospheric weather prediction, has demonstrated
   45  the mutual benefit born of the relations between Florida and
   46  Taiwan, and
   47         WHEREAS, Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international
   48  organizations, including the World Health Assembly, the United
   49  Nations, International Criminal Police Organization, and the
   50  United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and
   51  Taiwan’s membership status in both the Asia-Pacific Economic
   52  Cooperation and the World Trade Organization, as well as
   53  participating, observing, and cooperating with more than 50
   54  international organizations, and
   55         WHEREAS, Taiwan is the United States’ ninth-largest trading
   56  partner, as well as Florida’s fourth-largest bilateral
   57  merchandise trading partner in the Asia-Pacific region, and
   58         WHEREAS, this year marks the 32nd anniversary of the
   59  enactment of the sister state relationship shared between the
   60  State of Florida and Taiwan, and
   61         WHEREAS, several sister city relations exist between
   62  Florida and Taiwan, such as between Miami-Dade County and New
   63  Taipei City; the City of Orlando and Tainan City; the City of
   64  Fort Lauderdale, the City of Miami, and the City of Pensacola
   65  and Kaohsiung City; the City of Sunny Isles Beach and Hengchun
   66  Township; the City of Doral and the Xizhi District of New Taipei
   67  City; the City of Kissimmee with Hualien City and Miaoli City;
   68  the City of North Miami Beach and the Pingzhen District of
   69  Taoyuan City; the City of Tavares and the Xindian District of
   70  New Taipei City; and the Port of Miami and the Port of
   71  Kaohsiung, and
   72         WHEREAS, the economic bonds between the United States and
   73  Taiwan continue to flourish, and these bonds were reinforced by
   74  the signing of H.R. 4004, the United States-Taiwan Initiative on
   75  21st-Century Trade First Agreement Implementation Act, in August
   76  2023, by Taiwan’s inclusion in the 11-country Comprehensive and
   77  Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Agreement and the Indo
   78  Pacific Economic Framework, and by the strengthening of the
   79  already significant trade relationship between the United States
   80  and Taiwan, NOW, THEREFORE,
   82  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   84         That the Senate expresses its appreciation for the sister
   85  state relationship between the State of Florida and Taiwan.
   86         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution, with
   87  the Seal of the Senate affixed, be transmitted to President Tsai
   88  Ing-wen through the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami
   89  and to the Executive Office of the Governor as a tangible token
   90  of the sentiments of the Florida Senate.