Florida Senate - 2024                              CS for SB 352
       By the Committee on Commerce and Tourism; and Senator Brodeur
       577-02961-24                                           2024352c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to a virtual currency sales tax
    3         holiday; defining the terms “convenience store” and
    4         “virtual currency”; providing a sales tax exemption
    5         during a specified period for the retail sale of
    6         tangible personal property and services which is paid
    7         in virtual currency and is made by specified
    8         establishments; authorizing the Department of Revenue
    9         to adopt emergency rules; providing that such rules
   10         are effective for a specified period of time;
   11         providing an effective date.
   13  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   15         Section 1. Virtual currency transactions; sales tax
   16  holiday.—
   17         (1)As used in this section, the term:
   18         (a)“Convenience store” means a business that is engaged
   19  primarily in the retail sale of groceries or motor fuels or
   20  special fuels and may offer food services to the public. The
   21  term includes businesses providing motor fuels or special fuels
   22  to the public which also offer groceries or food service.
   23         (b)“Virtual currency” has the same meaning as in s.
   24  560.103, Florida Statutes. The term does not include central
   25  bank digital currency as defined in s. 671.201, Florida
   26  Statutes.
   27         (2)The tax levied under chapter 212, Florida Statutes, may
   28  not be collected during the period of June 1, 2025, through July
   29  31, 2025, on the retail sale of tangible personal property or
   30  services which is taxable under that chapter if the sale is paid
   31  in virtual currency and the sale is made by any of the following
   32  establishments in this state:
   33         (a)A retail service station that sells motor fuels or
   34  special fuels to the public and is classified under the North
   35  American Industry Classification System code 457120.
   36         (b)A food service establishment permitted or licensed
   37  under chapter 500, Florida Statutes, or a public food service
   38  establishment licensed under chapter 509, Florida Statutes.
   39         (c)A grocery store.
   40         (d)A convenience store.
   41         (e)A cosmetology salon or specialty salon licensed under
   42  chapter 477, Florida Statutes; a spa; or a barbershop as defined
   43  in s. 476.034, Florida Statutes.
   44         (f)A bar or nightclub.
   45         (3)The Department of Revenue is authorized, and all
   46  conditions are deemed met, to adopt emergency rules pursuant to
   47  s. 120.54(4), Florida Statutes, for the purpose of implementing
   48  this section. Notwithstanding any other law, emergency rules
   49  adopted under this section are effective for the length of the
   50  exemption period and may be renewed during the pendency of
   51  procedures to adopt permanent rules addressing the subject of
   52  the emergency rules.
   53         Section 2. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.