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2013 Florida Statutes

Florida College System institutions; admissions of students.
F.S. 1007.263
1007.263 Florida College System institutions; admissions of students.Each Florida College System institution board of trustees is authorized to adopt rules governing admissions of students subject to this section and rules of the State Board of Education. These rules shall include the following:
(1) Admissions counseling shall be provided to all students entering college or career credit programs. For students who are not otherwise exempt from testing under s. 1008.30, counseling must use tests to measure achievement of college-level communication and computation competencies by students entering college credit programs or tests to measure achievement of basic skills for career education programs as prescribed in s. 1004.91. Counseling includes providing developmental education options for students whose assessment results, determined under s. 1008.30, indicate that they need to improve communication or computation skills that are essential to perform college-level work.
(2) Admission to associate degree programs is subject to minimum standards adopted by the State Board of Education and shall require:
(a) A standard high school diploma, a high school equivalency diploma as prescribed in s. 1003.435, previously demonstrated competency in college credit postsecondary coursework, or, in the case of a student who is home educated, a signed affidavit submitted by the student’s parent or legal guardian attesting that the student has completed a home education program pursuant to the requirements of s. 1002.41. Students who are enrolled in a dual enrollment or early admission program pursuant to s. 1007.271 are exempt from this requirement.
(b) A demonstrated level of achievement of college-level communication and computation skills.
(c) Any other requirements established by the board of trustees.
(3) Admission to other programs within the Florida College System institution shall include education requirements as established by the board of trustees.
(4) A student who has been awarded a special diploma as defined in s. 1003.438 or a certificate of completion as defined in s. 1003.428(7)(b) is eligible to enroll in certificate career education programs.
(5) A student with a documented disability may be eligible for reasonable substitutions, as prescribed in ss. 1007.264 and 1007.265.

Each board of trustees shall establish policies that notify students about developmental education options for improving their communication or computation skills that are essential to performing college-level work, including tutoring, extended time in gateway courses, free online courses, adult basic education, adult secondary education, or private provider instruction.

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