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Senator Bracy, District 11 — Press Release


July 17, 2012

CONTACT: Greg Giordano, 727-848-5885

Senator Mike Fasano Calls Upon Florida Public Service Commission to Follow North Carolina’s Lead

re Progress Energy’s Advance Nuclear Cost Recovery

State Senator Mike Fasano has sent the following letter to the chairman of the Florida Public Service Commission requesting that the Commission take North Carolina’s lead regarding Progress Energy’s advance nuclear cost recovery: 

July 17, 2012 

The Honorable Ronald Brise’

Florida Public Service Commission

2540 Shumard Oak Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0850

Dear Chairman Brise’:

With the recent merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy the contentious issue of advanced nuclear cost recovery once again takes center stage.  I am pleased that the North Carolina Utilities Commission is holding Progress Energy’s feet to the fire this week as its members put Progress Energy’s former chief executive officer under the spotlight.  Unfortunately, why did it take another state to question why Floridians have been forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for a nuclear power plant that may never ultimately get built or become operational?

As you know I have long been  a vocal critic of advance nuclear cost recovery.  I have asked the Florida Public Service Commission to question Progress Energy to no avail.  I have asked the Florida Senate to bring Progress Energy before the Senate Communications, Energy & Public Utilities Committee also without success.  I have filed legislation and attempted amendments to repeal the ability to collect advance nuclear cost recovery.  Why does North Carolina understand the problem within days of the merger occurring, and Florida still doesn’t get it after several years of complaints, media attention and consumer advocacy?

I strongly encourage you to follow North Carolina’s lead and bring Progress Energy before the Commission.  It is high time that the utility and its executives get the grilling they deserve so that Progress Energy’s customers can get the answers they deserve.  A projected decade or more of advance nuclear cost recovery dollars should not be the responsibility of the customers, it should be the responsibility of the utility and its shareholders.  If the nuclear power plant is so important then the company should pay for it, pure and simple.  It is long past time for Progress Energy to give an account and explain how it can take the financial burden for the nuclear power plant away from its customers. 

I look forward to your thoughts on this issue as soon as may be possible. 

Yours truly, 

Mike Fasano

State Senator, District 11 


                Cc: The Honorable Eduardo E. Balbis

                      The Honorable Lisa Edgar

                      The Honorable Art Graham

                      The Honorable Julie Brown 


Senator Fasano will continue to press the Florida Public Service Commission to take positive action on behalf of its customers.