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Senator Young, District 18 — Press Release


February 28, 2017

CONTACT: Brian McManus, (813) 281-5507

Representative Jared Moskowitz & Senator Dana Young File Legislation to Help Pet Owners Seek Justice

Tallahassee —

Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-Coral Springs) and Senator Dana Young (R-Tampa) have filed HB 1067 & SB 1270 providing pet owners a path of recourse in the event of the wrongful injury or death of their pet. Additionally, the bill holds defendants accountable for pain and suffering endured from emotional trauma to pet owners and for the value of the pet.

“People who kill or injure someone’s pet should be held accountable for their actions,” declared Representative Jared Moskowitz. “We form emotional bonds with our pets and those who endure the terrible tragedy of losing them deserve a chance at justice. This bill will act as a deterrent to those who work with animals to think about the legal consequences before engaging in negligent behavior.”

In current law, pets are treated as personal property. Because of this, pet owners are usually entitled to compensation only equal to the fair market value of their pet. Noneconomic damages are not typically awarded in cases involving wrongful injury or death of a pet. 

Senator Dana Young said, “Under current Florida law, our pets are treated as property, like a piece of furniture that can be easily replaced. As a dog owner, I know that pets mean so much more -- they become a part of the family and form deep bonds with their owners. Through this bill, we recognize this special relationship and provide pet owners with a means of recourse in instances where their pet is hurt or killed through gross negligence.”