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Senator Bradley, District 5 — Press Release


March 1, 2017

CONTACT: Ms. Tonya Shays, 904.966.3933 ext: 3933

Senator Bradley Introduces Legislation to Increase Transparency in Education Funding


March 1, 2017


Tallahassee – Senator Rob Bradley unveiled legislation today to increase transparency in education spending by creating an easy-to-navigate tool that shows parents how much state, local and federal funding is provided for their child’s education.


“Florida invests nearly a third of the state’s total budget in education. Florida parents and taxpayers deserve access to easy-to-understand information about the average amount of funding dedicated to educating our students,” said Senator Bradley.


Senate Bill 1414 directs the Florida Department of Financial Services to create a parent-friendly online tool where users can view information about the average amount of local, state and federal financial resources generated to educate Florida’s students.


The tool would provide a per-student funding estimate based on responses to certain questions, including school district, grade level, whether the child qualifies for free or reduced-price meals, whether the child is identified as a student with disabilities, gifted, or an English language learner.


“This legislation brings Florida’s legacy of transparency and public accountability to our state’s school funding program,” continued Senator Bradley. “As a parent and a taxpayer, I believe we should ensure that all parents are able to access this important information.”


Florida invested a record $22.1 billion in education spending last fiscal year, including a record $7,178 per student. The 2017 Legislative Session convenes on March 7th in Tallahassee.


Contact:  Tonya Shays    (904)966-6280 ext. 3933