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Senator Bean, District 4 — Press Release


March 8, 2018

CONTACT: Austin Nicklas, (850) 487-5004

2018 Winners of Florida Legislature’s Biggest Loser Competition Announced

Tallahassee – Senator Aaron Bean (R-Fernandina Beach) today announced the winners of the Florida Legislature’s Annual Biggest Loser Weight Loss Competition. The eight week contest is open to members of the legislature and Capitol employees who compete to lose the most weight during the legislative session.

“Session is a stressful time for everyone at the Capitol, and it is easy to put on a few pounds if you’re not careful,” said Senator Bean. “The Annual Biggest Loser Competition serves as a great way to promote weight loss and motivate legislators and staff to make positive, healthy changes in their lives.”

The 2018 Biggest Loser Weight Loss Competition winners are:

                     Men                                                                                  Women

1.  Rep. Clovis Watson - 27.5 lbs.                                1.  Mary Cowart (Aide to Rep. Stafford) - 17.5 lbs.

2.  Gary Austin (Sergeant’s Office) - 22 lbs.                 2.  Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen - 16 lbs.

3.  Kurt Schrader (Bill Drafting) - 16.5 lbs.                   3.  Heather Bishop (House Policy Chief) - 12 lbs.

Honorable mentions for legislative losers include Representative Larry Ahern, Representative Tracie Davis, Representative Bob Cortes, Senator Aaron Bean, Senator Kevin Rader and Senator Daphne Campbell. Representative Bobby Payne won the “Steady Eddy” award by weighing in and out at the same weight.

Participants weighed in with a registered nurse at the Capitol Clinic during the first week of the 2018 legislative session in early January and weighed out by March 7. 48 participants lost a total of 173 pounds with 27 men losing 82.75 pounds and 21 women losing 90.75 pounds. The proceeds from the contest were awarded as a $1,000 charitable donation to the Florida Guardian ad Litem Foundation.

Senator Bean represents Senate District 4, which includes parts of Nassau and Duval Counties. He can be contacted in Tallahassee at (850) 487-5004 or in his District Office at (904) 757-5039.