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CS/CS/HB 1347 — Illicit Drugs

by Appropriations Committee; Criminal Justice Subcommittee; and Rep. Ingram and others(CS/CS/SB 1528 by Appropriations Committee; Regulated Industries Committee; and Senator Simpson)

This summary is provided for information only and does not represent the opinion of any Senator, Senate Officer, or Senate Office.

Prepared by: Regulated Industries Committee (RI)

The bill amends the schedule of controlled substances in s. 893.03, F.S., to describe, by core structure, the following synthetic controlled substances: synthetic cannabinoids; substituted cathinones; substituted phenethylamines; N-benzyl Phenethylamine compounds; substituted tryptamines; and substituted phenylcyclohexylamines. Each class description includes examples of compounds that are covered by the class description.

The bill:

  • Revises the definition of the term “substantially similar” for the purpose of determining whether a substance is an analog to a controlled substance. The bill defines the term according to the chemical structure of the substance instead of according to its physiological effect. The bill also provides additional factors for determining whether a substance is an analog of a controlled substance to include comparisons to the accepted methods of marketing, distribution, and sales of the substance.
  • Revises the chemical terms for existing controlled substances by correcting errors in existing substance listings and deleting double entries.
  • Creates a noncriminal penalty for selling, manufacturing, or delivering, or possessing with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver, certain unlawful controlled substance in, on, or near an assisted living facility. The noncriminal penalty is a $500 fine and 100 hours of community service in addition to any other penalty.
  • Creates a third degree felony for a person 18 years of age or older who delivers certain illegal controlled substances to a person under the age of 18, who uses or hires a person under the age of 18 in the sale or delivery of such substance, or who uses a person under the age of 18 to assist in avoiding detection for specified violations.
  • Creates a second degree felony for actual or constructive possession of a Schedule V controlled substance unless the controlled substance was lawfully obtained from a medical practitioner or pursuant to a valid prescription or order of a medical practitioner while acting in the course of his or her professional practice.
  • Provides that a place or premises that has been used on two or more occasions within a six-month period as a site of a violation of ch. 499, F.S., may be declared a public nuisance and abated.
  • Includes misbranded drugs in the listing of paraphernalia that are deemed to be contraband and subject to civil forfeiture.

If approved by the Governor, these provisions take effect July 1, 2016.

Vote: Senate 36-0; House 116-0