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The Florida Senate

2004 Florida Statutes

Section 624.4621, Florida Statutes 2004

624.4621  Group self-insurance funds.--

(1)  The commission shall adopt rules that allow two or more employers to enter into agreements to pool their liabilities under chapter 440 for the purpose of qualifying as a group self-insurer's fund, which shall be classified as a self-insurer, and each employer member of such approved group shall be known as a group self-insurer's fund member and shall be classified as a self-insurer as defined in chapter 440. The agreement entered into under this section may provide that the pool will be liable for 80 percent, and the employer member will be liable for 20 percent, of the medical benefits due any employee for an injury compensable under this chapter up to the amount of $5,000. One hundred percent of the medical benefits above $5,000 due to an employee for one injury shall be paid by the pool. The agreement may also provide that each employer member will be responsible for up to the first $500 of medical benefits due each of its employees for each injury. The claim shall be paid by the pool, regardless of its size, which shall be reimbursed by the employer for any amounts required to be paid by the employer under the agreement.

(2)  The commission shall adopt rules:

(a)  Requiring monetary reserves to be maintained by such self-insurers to insure their financial solvency; and

(b)  Governing their organization and operation to assure compliance with such requirements.

(3)  The commission shall adopt rules implementing the reserve requirements in accordance with accepted actuarial techniques.

(4)  Any self-insurer established under this section, except for self-insurers that are state or local governmental entities, is required to carry reinsurance in accordance with rules adopted by the commission.

(5)  A dividend or premium refund of any self-insurer established under this section, otherwise earned, may not be made contingent upon continued membership in the fund, renewal of any policy, or the payment of renewal premiums for membership in the fund or on any policy issued by such self-insurer. Before making any dividend or premium refund, the group self-insurer shall submit to the office the following information:

(a)  An audited certified financial statement.

(b)  An annual report of financial condition.

(c)  A loss reserve review by a qualified actuary.

The required information listed in paragraphs (a)-(c) shall be submitted annually, no later than 7 months after the end of the group self-insurer's fund year. A request for such dividend or premium refund may not be made before the required information is filed. The request for such dividend or premium refund must include a resolution of the board of trustees of the group self-insurer requesting approval of a specific amount to be distributed. A dividend, premium refund, or premium discount or credit must not discriminate on the basis of continued coverage or continued membership in the group self-insurer. The office shall review the request and shall issue a decision within 60 days after the filing. Failure to issue a decision within 60 days constitutes an approval of the request. Any dividend or premium refund approved by the office for distribution which cannot be paid to the applicable member or policyholder or former member or policyholder of the group self-insurer because the former member or policyholder cannot be reasonably located shall become the property of the group self-insurer.

(6)  The office may impose civil penalties not to exceed $100 per occurrence for violations of the provisions of this chapter or rules adopted pursuant hereto.

(7)  Premiums, contributions, and assessments received by a group self-insurer's fund are subject to ss. 624.509(1) and (2) and 624.5092, except that the tax rate shall be 1.6 percent of the gross amount of such premiums, contributions, and assessments.

(8)  This section does not apply to any program, intergovernmental agreement, cooperative effort, consortium, or agency through which two or more governmental entities, without pooling their liabilities, administer the payment of workers' compensation to their respective employees.

(9)  A group self-insurance fund shall participate in the Florida Self-Insurance Fund Guaranty Association.

(10)  Any self-insurance fund which holds a certificate of authority on or after January 1, 1998, shall maintain surplus to policyholders in a positive amount.

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Note.--Former s. 440.57.