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The Florida Senate

2004 Florida Statutes

Chapter 314
Chapter 314, Florida Statutes 2004



314.01  Appointment.

314.02  Bond.

314.04  Deputies.

314.05  Duties as to boarding vessel.

314.06  Stationing vessels.

314.07  Duties as to the loading or unloading of vessels.

314.08  Fees.

314.09  Change of station.

314.10  Recovery of double amount.

314.01  Appointment.--The Governor shall appoint, subject to confirmation by the Senate, one harbormaster for each port in the state, into which have come, during the past 5 years, vessels of 500 tons burden and upwards, at the average rate of not less than 250 vessels per year, according to the records of the United States customhouse at or nearest the port for which such appointment shall be made.

History.--s. 1, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 957; GS 1327; RGS 2497; CGL 3907; s. 8, ch. 77-85.

314.02  Bond.--Each harbormaster so appointed shall enter into a bond in the penal sum of $2,000, with two or more sureties, payable to the Governor of the state and the Governor's successors in office, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of the harbormaster's office, by the harbormaster and his or her deputies, and for the payment of any damage any person may sustain in consequence of any wrongful act of such officer or deputy under color of the harbormaster's office; such bond to be approved by the county commissioners of the county in which is situated said port and by the Department of Financial Services, and to be filed with the Department of State.

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314.04  Deputies.--Any harbormaster so appointed may appoint deputies to assist him or her in the performance of his or her duties, the harbormaster paying them for their services and being responsible for their acts.

History.--s. 4, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 960; GS 1330; RGS 2500; CGL 3910; s. 289, ch. 95-148.

314.05  Duties as to boarding vessel.--The harbormaster, by himself or herself or deputy, shall board every vessel entering the port for which the harbormaster is appointed, after such vessel has been released by the health authorities of the port, demand of the master the certificate of the vessel's release by such health authorities and deliver the same within 24 hours to the Department of Health; but it is unlawful for any such officer, in boarding such vessels under this section, to solicit from such vessel any business either for the officer or anyone else, and any violation of this provision by any such officer shall subject him or her to removal from said office, by the Governor, if such violation be committed by the harbormaster, and, if committed by any deputy harbormaster, then, by the harbormaster, who in such cases shall remove promptly such deputy.

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314.06  Stationing vessels.--The master of every vessel arriving in a port for which a harbormaster shall be appointed, under the provisions of this chapter, shall apply to such harbormaster, or one of the harbormaster's deputies, for a station in the stream, or a berth at the wharves, and the harbormaster or deputy shall forthwith station such vessel in the stream or at the wharves, as the case may be, so as to best facilitate the loading or discharge of such vessel, and at the same time interfere as little as possible with other vessels in the vicinity; but in stationing vessels at wharves or assigning them berths thereat, the harbormaster or deputy shall conform in every instance to the wishes of the managers of such wharves as to their location at the same.

History.--s. 6, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 962; GS 1332; RGS 2502; CGL 3912; s. 291, ch. 95-148.

314.07  Duties as to the loading or unloading of vessels.--The harbormaster appointed under the provisions of this chapter shall be present at all times, either in person or by deputy, to facilitate the loading or unloading of vessels by assigning to them berths at the wharves, and by requiring each to accommodate others needing more immediate accommodation, in accordance with the provisions of s. 314.06.

History.--s. 7, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 963; GS 1333; RGS 2503; CGL 3913.

314.08  Fees.--Such harbormaster shall receive from the master, owner or consignee of vessels coming into the port for which he or she is appointed under this chapter, for the services rendered by the harbormaster or deputy, under the provisions of this chapter, not exceeding the sum of $20, according to the amount and value of the services rendered.

History.--s. 9, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 965; GS 1334; RGS 2504; CGL 3914; s. 292, ch. 95-148.

314.09  Change of station.--Should any vessel, after having been stationed by such harbormaster, require a change of station, application shall be made by the manager of such wharf to such officer, and he or she shall make such change, for which he or she shall receive no compensation, unless the vessel requiring such change requires to be removed to another wharf or out into the stream.

History.--s. 9, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 966; GS 1335; RGS 2505; CGL 3915; s. 293, ch. 95-148.

314.10  Recovery of double amount.--Whenever any fee or compensation due the harbormaster under the provisions of this chapter is not paid within 48 hours from the rendition of the services for which the same is due, such officer may then demand the same from the master or his or her consignee, and upon refusal of payment may sue for and recover from the person owing the same double the amount which has been so demanded.

History.--s. 10, ch. 3752, 1887; RS 967; GS 1336; RGS 2506; CGL 3916; s. 294, ch. 95-148.