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2013 Florida Statutes

Qualifications for general lines agent’s license.
F.S. 626.731
626.731 Qualifications for general lines agent’s license.
(1) The department shall not grant or issue a license as general lines agent to any individual found by it to be untrustworthy or incompetent or who does not meet each of the following qualifications:
(a) The applicant is a natural person at least 18 years of age.
(b) The applicant is a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses work authorization from the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and is a bona fide resident of this state. An individual who is a bona fide resident of this state shall be deemed to meet the residence requirement of this paragraph, notwithstanding the existence at the time of application for license of a license in his or her name on the records of another state as a resident licensee of such other state, if the applicant furnishes a letter of clearance satisfactory to the department that the resident licenses have been canceled or changed to a nonresident basis and that he or she is in good standing.
(c) The applicant’s place of business will be located in this state and he or she will be actively engaged in the business of insurance and will maintain a place of business, the location of which is identifiable by and accessible to the public.
(d) The license is not being sought for the purpose of writing or handling controlled business, in violation of s. 626.730.
(e) The applicant is qualified as to knowledge, experience, or instruction in the business of insurance and meets the requirements provided in s. 626.732.
(f) The applicant is not a service representative, a managing general agent in this state, or a special agent or similar service representative of a health insurer which also transacts property, casualty, or surety insurance; except that the president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer, including a member of the board of directors, of a corporate insurer, if otherwise qualified under and meeting the requirements of this part, may be licensed and appointed as a local resident agent.
(g) The applicant has passed any required examination for license required under s. 626.221.
(2) The department shall not grant, continue, renew, or permit to exist the license or appointment of a general lines agent unless the agent meets the requirements of subsection (1).
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