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The Florida Senate

2013 Florida Statutes

F.S. 626.973
626.973 Fictitious groups.
(1) No insurer or any person on behalf of any insurer shall make, offer to make, or permit any preference or distinction in property, marine, casualty, or surety insurance as to form of policy, certificate, premium, rate, benefits, or conditions of insurance, based upon membership, nonmembership, or employment of any person or persons by or in any particular group, association, corporation, or organization, and shall not make the foregoing preference or distinction available in any event based upon any “fictitious grouping” of persons as defined in this code, such “fictitious grouping” being hereby defined and declared to be any grouping by way of membership, nonmembership, license, franchise, employment, contract, agreement, or any other method or means.
(2) The restrictions and limitations of this section do not extend to life insurance, health insurance, and medical malpractice insurance.
(3) The restrictions and limitations of this section do not extend to property or casualty insurance issued in this state, provided that:
(a) The policy requires active participation in a plan of risk management which has established measures and procedures to minimize both the frequency and severity of losses;
(b) The policy passes on the benefits of reduced losses to plan participants;
(c) Rates are actuarially measurable and credible and are sufficiently related to actual and expected loss and expense experience of the group so as to assure that nonmembers of the group are not unfairly discriminated against; and
(d) For any personal lines insurance risk, the group is composed of such members and meets the requirements specified in s. 627.552 for employee groups, s. 627.553 for debtor groups, s. 627.554 for labor union groups, s. 627.555 for trustee groups, s. 627.556 for credit union groups, s. 627.5567 for association groups, and s. 627.654 for labor union and association groups; except that any provision of such sections which precludes individual selection of amounts of insurance shall not be applicable to property or casualty insurance.
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