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The Florida Senate

2016 Florida Statutes

F.S. 335.067
335.067 Conserve by Bicycle Program.There is created within the Department of Transportation the Conserve by Bicycle Program.
(1) The purposes of the Conserve by Bicycle Program are to:
(a) Save energy by increasing the number of miles ridden on bicycles, thereby reducing the usage of petroleum-based fuels.
(b) Increase efficiency of cycling as a transportation mode by improving interconnectivity.
(c) Reduce traffic congestion on existing roads.
(d) Provide recreational opportunities for Florida residents and visitors.
(e) Provide healthy alternatives to help reduce the trend toward obesity and reduce long-term health costs.
(f) Provide safe ways for children to travel from their homes to their schools by supporting the Safe Paths to Schools Program.
(2) In order to help accomplish these goals, the department shall conduct a Conserve by Bicycle study, which shall include a determination of the following:
(a) Where energy savings can be realized when more and safer bicycle facilities, such as bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, and other safe locations for bicycle use, are created that reduce the use of motor vehicles in the area.
(b) Where the use of education and marketing programs can convert motor vehicle trips into bicycle trips.
(c) How and under what circumstances the construction of bicycling facilities can provide more opportunities for recreation and how exercise can lead to a reduction of health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
(d) How the Safe Paths to Schools Program and other similar programs can reduce school-related commuter traffic, which will result in energy and roadway savings as well as improve the health of children throughout the state.
(e) How partnerships can be created among interested parties in the fields of transportation, law enforcement, education, public health, environmental restoration and conservation, and energy conservation to achieve a better possibility of success for the program.
(3) The study shall produce measurable criteria that can be used by the department to determine where and under what circumstances the construction of bicycling facilities will reduce energy consumption and the need for and cost of roadway capacity, as well as realizing the associated health benefits.
(4) The department shall conduct the study with the assistance of the State Pedestrian/Bicycle Coordinator, metropolitan planning organizations, the Office of Greenways and Trails within the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Department of Health.
(5) By July 1, 2007, if sufficient funds are available in the department’s budget or from the Federal Government, the study shall be completed and shall be submitted to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Environmental Protection, and the State Surgeon General.
History.s. 11, ch. 2005-87; s. 15, ch. 2008-6.