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2016 Florida Statutes

Transfer of agency assets and liabilities.
F.S. 420.5061
420.5061 Transfer of 1agency assets and liabilities.The corporation is the legal successor in all respects to the 1agency, is obligated to the same extent as the 1agency under any agreements existing on December 31, 1997, and is entitled to any rights and remedies previously afforded the 1agency by law or contract, including specifically the rights of the 1agency under chapter 201 and part VI of chapter 159. Effective January 1, 1998, all references under Florida law to the 1agency are deemed to mean the corporation. The corporation shall transfer to the General Revenue Fund an amount which otherwise would have been deducted as a service charge pursuant to s. 215.20(1) if the Florida Housing Finance Corporation Fund established by s. 420.508(5), the State Apartment Incentive Loan Fund established by s. 420.5087(7), the Florida Homeownership Assistance Fund established by s. 420.5088(4), the HOME Investment Partnership Fund established by s. 420.5089(1), and the Housing Predevelopment Loan Fund established by s. 420.525(1) were each trust funds. For purposes of s. 112.313, the corporation is deemed to be a continuation of the 1agency, and the provisions thereof are deemed to apply as if the same entity remained in place. Any employees of the 1agency and 1agency board members covered by s. 112.313(9)(a)6. shall continue to be entitled to the exemption in that subparagraph, notwithstanding being hired by the corporation or appointed as board members of the corporation.
History.s. 10, ch. 97-167; s. 5, ch. 98-56; s. 16, ch. 2006-69; s. 12, ch. 2007-198.
1Note.The Florida Housing Finance Agency was replaced by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation pursuant to s. 7, ch. 97-167.