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2016 Florida Statutes

Right of officer to break into building.
F.S. 901.19
901.19 Right of officer to break into building.
(1) If a peace officer fails to gain admittance after she or he has announced her or his authority and purpose in order to make an arrest either by a warrant or when authorized to make an arrest for a felony without a warrant, the officer may use all necessary and reasonable force to enter any building or property where the person to be arrested is or is reasonably believed to be.
(2) When any of the implements, devices, or apparatus commonly used for gambling purposes are found in any house, room, booth, or other place used for the purpose of gambling, a peace officer shall seize and hold them subject to the discretion of the court, to be used as evidence, and afterwards they shall be publicly destroyed in the presence of witnesses under order of the court to that effect.
History.s. 19, ch. 19554, 1939; CGL 1940 Supp. 8663(19); s. 8, ch. 70-339; s. 1463, ch. 97-102.