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The Florida Senate

2016 Florida Statutes

The Florida Statutes are updated annually after the conclusion of a regular legislative session, typically published in July/August. 

81 Sections found

Chapter Title
397.301 Short title.
397.305 Legislative findings, intent, and purpose.
397.311 Definitions.
397.321 Duties of the department.
397.333 Statewide Drug Policy Advisory Council.
397.334 Treatment-based drug court programs.
397.401 License required; penalty; injunction; rules waivers.
397.403 License application.
397.405 Exemptions from licensure.
397.406 Licensure and regulation of government-operated substance abuse programs.
397.407 Licensure process; fees.
397.411 Inspection; right of entry; records.
397.415 Denial, suspension, and revocation; other remedies.
397.416 Substance abuse treatment services; qualified professional.
397.419 Quality improvement programs.
397.427 Medication-assisted treatment service providers; rehabilitation program; needs assessment and provision of services; persons authorized to issue takeout medication; unlawful operation; penalty.
397.431 Individual responsibility for cost of substance abuse impairment services.
397.451 Background checks of service provider personnel.
397.461 Unlawful activities relating to personnel; penalties.
397.471 Service provider facility standards.
397.481 Applicability of Community Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Services Act.
397.482 Lawyer assistance programs; civil immunity.
397.483 Lawyer assistance programs; presumption of good faith.
397.484 Lawyer assistance programs; persons entitled to immunity.
397.485 Lawyer assistance programs; information subject to privilege.
397.486 Lawyer assistance programs; confidentiality of records, proceedings, and communications.
397.487 Voluntary certification of recovery residences.
397.4871 Recovery residence administrator certification.
397.4872 Exemption from disqualification; publication.
397.501 Rights of individuals.
397.581 Unlawful activities relating to assessment and treatment; penalties.
397.601 Voluntary admissions.
397.675 Criteria for involuntary admissions, including protective custody, emergency admission, and other involuntary assessment, involuntary treatment, and alternative involuntary assessment for minors, for purposes of assessment and stabilization, and for
397.6751 Service provider responsibilities regarding involuntary admissions.
397.6752 Referral of involuntarily admitted individual for voluntary treatment.
397.6758 Release of individual from protective custody, emergency admission, involuntary assessment, involuntary treatment, and alternative involuntary assessment of a minor.
397.6759 Parental participation in treatment.
397.677 Protective custody; circumstances justifying.
397.6771 Protective custody with consent.
397.6772 Protective custody without consent.
397.6773 Dispositional alternatives after protective custody.
397.6774 Department to maintain lists of licensed facilities.
397.6775 Immunity from liability.
397.679 Emergency admission; circumstances justifying.
397.6791 Emergency admission; persons who may initiate.
397.6793 Professional’s certificate for emergency admission.
397.6795 Transportation-assisted delivery of persons for emergency assessment.
397.6797 Dispositional alternatives after emergency admission.
397.6798 Alternative involuntary assessment procedure for minors.
397.6799 Disposition of minor upon completion of alternative involuntary assessment.
397.681 Involuntary petitions; general provisions; court jurisdiction and right to counsel.
397.6811 Involuntary assessment and stabilization.
397.6814 Involuntary assessment and stabilization; contents of petition.
397.6815 Involuntary assessment and stabilization; procedure.
397.6818 Court determination.
397.6819 Involuntary assessment and stabilization; responsibility of licensed service provider.
397.6821 Extension of time for completion of involuntary assessment and stabilization.
397.6822 Disposition of individual after involuntary assessment.
397.693 Involuntary treatment.
397.695 Involuntary services; persons who may petition.
397.6951 Contents of petition for involuntary services.
397.6955 Duties of court upon filing of petition for involuntary services.
397.6957 Hearing on petition for involuntary services.
397.697 Court determination; effect of court order for involuntary services.
397.6971 Early release from involuntary services.
397.6975 Extension of involuntary services period.
397.6977 Disposition of individual upon completion of involuntary services.
397.6978 Guardian advocate; patient incompetent to consent; substance abuse disorder.
397.701 Local ordinances affecting impairment and public impairment offenses forbidden.
397.702 Authorization of local ordinances for treatment of habitual abusers in licensed secure facilities.
397.705 Referral of substance abuse impaired offenders to service providers.
397.706 Screening, assessment, and disposition of juvenile offenders.
397.752 Scope of part.
397.753 Definitions.
397.754 Duties and responsibilities of the Department of Corrections.
397.92 Children’s substance abuse services system; goals.
397.95 Children’s substance abuse services; services provided by licensed providers.
397.96 Case management for complex substance abuse cases.
397.99 School substance abuse prevention partnership grants.
397.997 Prevention resources; Internet website.
397.998 Drug-free communities support match grants.