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2017 Florida Statutes

F.S. 455.207
455.207 Boards; organization; meetings; compensation and travel expenses.
(1) Each board within the department shall comply with the provisions of this section.
(2) The board shall annually elect from among its number a chairperson and vice chairperson.
(3) The board shall meet at least once annually and may meet as often as is necessary. The chairperson or a quorum of the board shall have the authority to call other meetings. A quorum shall be necessary for the conduct of official business by the board or any committee thereof. Unless otherwise provided by law, 51 percent or more of the appointed members of the board or any committee, when applicable, shall constitute a quorum. The membership of committees of the board, except as otherwise authorized pursuant to this chapter or the applicable practice act, shall be composed of currently appointed members of the board. The vote of a majority of the members of the quorum shall be necessary for any official action by the board or committee. Three consecutive unexcused absences or absences constituting 50 percent or more of the board’s meetings within any 12-month period shall cause the board membership of the member in question to become void, and the position shall be considered vacant. The board, or the department when there is no board, shall, by rule, define unexcused absences.
(4) Unless otherwise provided by law, a board member or former board member serving on a probable cause panel shall be compensated $50 for each day in attendance at an official meeting of the board and for each day of participation in any other business involving the board. Each board shall adopt rules defining the phrase “other business involving the board,” but the phrase may not routinely be defined to include telephone conference calls. A board member also shall be entitled to reimbursement for expenses pursuant to s. 112.061. Travel out of state shall require the prior approval of the secretary.
(5) When two or more boards have differences between them, the boards may elect to, or the secretary may request that the boards, establish a special committee to settle those differences. The special committee shall consist of three members designated by each board, who may be members of the designating board or other experts designated by the board, and of one additional person designated and agreed to by the members of the special committee. In the event the special committee cannot agree on the additional designee, upon request of the special committee, the secretary may select the designee. The committee shall recommend rules necessary to resolve the differences. If a rule adopted pursuant to this provision is challenged, the participating boards shall share the costs associated with defending the rule or rules. The department shall provide legal representation for any special committee established pursuant to this section.
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